5 Best Affordable European Cities To Live As An Expat


    Living in Europe can differ from city to city. The cost of living could range from low to average. If you plan to relocate or move to another city in Europe, you’ll have to perform ample research before choosing the place you’ll build the rest of your life with. The best thing about Europe is that there is a city for different types of people, whether you are a country or modern type of person, you are able to find a suitable place to settle in. Here are some of the best European cities to live in as an expat:

    Sofia In Bulgaria

    A city in Bulgaria, Sofia is packed with friendly citizens along with affordable beer, wine, food. When it comes to safety and overall affordable cost of living, Sofia is known for being one of the cheapest cities in Europe. Imagine living in a city nearby breathtaking mountains while taking in the unique history and architecture. Though it is not a popular choice among expats, when you live in this city, you’ll receive fast WiFI as well as cheap rentals if you don’t plan on buying a house. This city is also famous for Balkan cuisine. A rough estimate of the overall cost of living in Sofia as an expat would be around $800 a month. 

    Prague In Czech Republic

    If you’re looking for a city with a stable economy, Prague would be the best choice. As an expat, it would be much easier for you to look for a job there. Many students move to this part of Europe to further their studies, which makes the city an expat hub as well. However, compared to other cities in Europe, Prague isn’t the cheapest option nor is it the most expensive city. It is more of an average cost city with plenty of pubs and restaurants to cater to food enthusiasts. Over here, you’ll also encounter many international, young citizens which makes the city a little more vibrant. 

    Warsaw In Poland 

    For expats, you want to settle down on stable jobs to earn a living at a place you’re not familiar with. Hence, Warsaw is one of the most popular options for those seeking to have a job with a higher wage when compared to other cities around Europe. If you’re the type of person that is into nightlife, Warsaw is filled with vibrant, happening pubs and restaurants once the sun goes down. However, do take note of the main language used, which is Polish. It may not be an easy language to learn, but once you practice, you’ll get the hang of it. With a little lower than $1200 a month, you are able to live a decent life here. 

    Lisbon In Portugal

    Fancy some surfing along with learning a new language? Head over to Lisbon in Portugal where you can live it up with the amazing weather, perfect for digital nomads. Though the cost of living here is relatively pricier than other European cities, it’s definitely worth it due to the warm weather and beach views. This also makes it one of the best cities to dive into the property market as it is cheaper to buy a house here than in other cities. You can refer to the amortization schedule with extra payments in order to sort out your finances and see whether you can afford a downpayment. Another thing to keep in mind before you move to Lisbon, locals expect you to at least know the basics of Portuguese. There are many online language courses that teach you Portuguese, so be sure to learn some basic phrases! 

    Bucharest In Romania 

    Love being surrounded by nature? In Bucharest, there are parks everywhere! If you don’t really love a modern city, Bucharest is a city filled with greenery and natural landscapes, perfect for those that prefer to indulge themselves in nature. A few of their famous landmarks are castles and windy roads. Bucharest is also slowly becoming an emerging technology industry while also maintaining a low cost of living. Here, you can live a comfortable life while working for top-notch firms. Before you decide to start living here, read up on some history of Romania. The reason being Romanians tend to look up to you more if you happen to be familiar with ancient history.