5 Best Movies To Watch That Features The European


Are you in love with the European culture? From amazing movies to notable architecture designs, how can one not fall in love with the countries in this continent? If you can’t afford to move over to Europe, that’s okay! You can always watch a movie that takes place all around Europe to imagine yourself in one of those cities. Here are the 5 best movies to watch that takes place in different parts of Europe:

Sound of Music

Who can forget the iconic Sound of Music, a classic tale that almost every kid in the block has heard of and watched it at least once in their life? The movie was filmed at Mozart, Salzburg, which is where tourists tend to flock over just to experience the scenes found in the film. Visitors get to go on a tour as well, to visit the landmarks of the movie. There’s also museums, shows, and even hotels in Salzburg that have regular re-runs of the movie! Hearing beautiful nuns singing out loud across the alps will surely put a smile on your face.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants


A classic movie about friendship, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is a movie that features the amazing Santorini and Mexico, with the former being the highlight. If you feel like watching a chick flick, you definitely need to put this movie into your consideration. Indulge yourself in the scenic views of Santorini, a place where you’ll find ancient Greek culture. It brings you on a roller coaster of feelings. One minute you’re going ‘awww’, the next moment, you’ll be trying to hold back your tears! Watch these girls while they go through the journey of adulthood, from a series of breakups to personal insecurities, it’s a typical movie that puts you in a better mood after watching.

Midnight in Paris 

Looking for a movie that will remind you of Paris? Midnight in Paris, just like the name itself, takes place in Paris, the most romantic place in the world. It’s a romantic comedy about an engaged couple, Gil and Inez, who followed Inez’s parents on their business trip. Gil finds himself in love with the city, but it’s not the case for Inez. Gil wanted to settle down in Paris after they both got married, however, Inez thinks otherwise. Since Gil is an aspiring writer who had writer’s block for a while, he finds that his creative juices will be overflowing right here in Paris. Despite that, he realizes that moving to Paris could jeopardize his soon to be a marriage with Inez. You’ll definitely find yourself falling in love with Paris as well when you watch this! 

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Schindler’s List 


A movie that takes you back all the way to World War II where concentration camps were set up all across Poland. A long-winded movie, but it’s definitely worth watching as you’ll be hooked until the end. Oskar Schindler is a German businessman that does his best to create a safe space for the Jews in order to save them from prosecution. By setting up a factory and hiring all the Jews, he managed to save at least 1,000 Jews. Until now, Oskar has deemed a true hero for saving many people during the war. The Jews would also often visit his grave to honour Oskar’s actions. Do take note that this movie isn’t for the lighthearted as there are many gruesome acts involved.

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet tells the story of a young aspiring writer, Sophie, who’s currently engaged to a man that doesn’t reciprocate her love. She heads over to Italy together with her husband-to-be and stumbles across a letter written by a young British girl. She wrote a letter to the girl who’s name is Claire, and funnily enough, she replied back! Thus, began both of their journeys in finding the guy that Claire fell in love with back then named Lorenzo Bartolini. If you’re looking for a sign that true love never expires, this movie shows just that.