9 European Cities for Architecture Enthusiasts

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Europe is a must-visit for its many beautiful landmarks and buildings that were built throughout time. The architecture in Europe has seen many historical changes throughout the centuries from the ancient civilization to the modern era. This has sparked the interest of many architecture enthusiasts to further explore the history behind these architectures in Europe which has contributed to many historical events. It is a dream come true for architecture enthusiasts to visit Europe at least once in their lifetime. 

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There are many cities to explore in Europe for their magnificent architecture, however, we might have enough funds or time to explore them. Do not worry, listed below are 9 European Cities to be visited by Architecture Enthusiasts that would change your perception of architecture. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam, the city of Netherlands, is home to several of the world’s most magnificent architectural marvels. It has been one of Europe’s most significant ports since the renaissance period which has resulted in a magnificent cityscape. It was not bombed during World War II which explains why much of its historical streets and buildings largely remained unaltered. Amsterdam features one of Europe’s biggest ancient cities that makes it more attractive and an absolute sanctuary for architecture enthusiasts. For example, the Dutch renaissance buildings and the historical canals found in Amsterdam makes it worth visiting the city. 

Athens, Greece

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When one thinks about architectural tourism in Europe, Athens is a must-visit city. There are various architectures found in the city from the ancient civilization that remain still till today albeit some being partially destroyed either during colonization or natural disasters. The most popular architectural buildings found in Athens are its temples that were used for religious reasons. 

Barcelona, Spain

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The presence of Barcelona, a city in Spain being on this list is unsurprising. The city consists of a well-balanced classical and modern architectural design. Barcelona is also home to many of Antoni Gaudi’s middle ages’ architectural designs which are still standing proudly today. You will feel enthralled walking when exploring Barcelona as you will gain an immersive experience of learning about their architectural masterpieces. 

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin is a city filled with architectures that are influenced by the historical events that have occurred in Europe. They are mostly regarded as the living memorials of past events that have shaped the development of the city. For example, buildings with different types of roofs can be found in Berlin where some buildings have pitched roofing style while some have flat roofing style which was influenced by the modernist idea of creating minimalist architectural buildings. This is a must-visit city not only for an architectural enthusiast but also for history enthusiasts. 

Bern, Switzerland


The birthplace of Toblerone is not only known for its chocolate but also for its historical landmarks. Bern has many historical architectural sites that are worth your time exploiting. This is because the buildings in Bern are taken care of well by both the locals and the governments. This has ensured that the buildings can still be standing tall for many years to come. 

London, England

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London’s architecture is unique when compared to other architectural buildings in other cities in Europe. The city’s charm is found in its glorious palace architectures which are the main attractions of the city that would interest a tourist, especially an architectural enthusiast. The architectures in London are still as marvellous as ever despite being constructed throughout different centuries. 

Paris, France

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Besides being the most romantic city in the world, Paris is also very well known for its historical architecture. Paris has various styles of architecture incorporated when building the city which has formed into a neat blend of classical and modern structures. 

Prague, Czech Republic


As you walk through Prague, you can feel centuries of history coming alive through its magnificent architecture spread around the city. The city is a delight to be visited by architectural lovers as it offers buildings with a variety of both medieval and renaissance architectural styles incorporated in them. The city’s culture and architecture are still being taken care of and preserved till today to show off its vivid beauty in historical changes.  

Rome, Italy


Rome is a city that needs to be included in this list. From its classical architecture from the Roman Empire to its modern architecture scattered around the city, Rome offers a wide range of architectural satisfaction for tourists. The ever-famous Colosseum is an example of ancient architecture done by the Roman that is a major tourist attraction now in Rome. 

In summary, these are the examples of 9 European cities that can be visited by an architecture enthusiast to have an enjoyable experience of site-seeing admirable architecture styles in real life. Be ready to start planning your architectural vacation soon with this list in your hand! You can either plan it yourself or ask someone about it too.