A Guide to Visiting England in Europe


There are many great countries to visit in Europe, and any of them offers a unique experience with lots to see and do. Here we’ll look at visiting England in Europe, and give you a quick guide to what it’s like, what to do, and what to expect.

Of course when you visit England in Europe you need to decide which part of the country you want to visit. Here there are lots of options, but your decision will drastically effect your experience. Of the many places to go in England in Europe, some popular options are Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Cornwall and of course London. Of these Brighton, Bristol and Bournemouth will give you an experience of seaside towns and you can expect slightly better weather and the chance to visit the beach. Meanwhile Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are big industrial cities (honorable mention should also go to Birmingham), while London is the capital and boasts all of the most famous sites.

If you travel to England in Europe then you can expect to meet a lot of English people of course. While everyone is different regardless of their nationality, there are definitely national ‘traits’ and tendencies. Expect the English to be very quiet and reserved and generally polite, though there is also a big drinking and pub culture and the streets in the larger cities can become quite ‘rowdy’ at night meaning it’s not always entirely safe to walk through built up areas at pub closing time.

This pub culture however is a big part of visiting England in Europe and when you’re there you should definitely take the time to visit a pub, get a pub lunch, and to try some beer. The cuisine in England mostly comes from this and to try some of the local grub you should order yourself pie and chips, cottage pie, a roast dinner or a fry up. However because of the large number of immigrants in the larger cities you can also sample a lot of other cuisines while in England in Europe and Curry and Italian restaurants are very common.

Tips are not usually included in the bill bear in mind and it’s expected that you will tip then 10% of the overall price. You should also tip taxi drivers, but generally no other services. Remember that England still uses the British pound and not the Euro, and that one dollar is roughly equal to sixty pence.

There are lots of great things to see and do in England in Europe and these include the large sites in London such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column etc. There are also lots of other activities scattered around the country such as theme parks like Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, or other days out such as Longleat, The London Dungeons (highly recommended), or Splashdown. Hopefully this quick overview of visiting England in Europe should entice and prepare you for visiting, but be sure to do more research into the precise area you’ll be visiting in order to get the very best experience.