Map Of Austria

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Austria ( by population)

2. Graz
3. Linz
4. Salzburg
5. Innsbruck
7. Villach
8. Wels
9. Sankt Polten
10. Dornbirn


Austria Known For::

Apple Pies
Wiener Schnitzeladimir
The Apls
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Top 10 Facts About Austria

1. The majority of Austria is made up of the alps – specifically an impress 62% of the land mass
2. German is Austria’s official language
3. Probably the two most famous individuals be born in Austria are Arnie and Hitler
4. However Austria was also the birthplace of many famous composers including Haydn, Schubert, Liszt, Strauss, Mahler, Mozart and Bruckner!
5. For this reason, it is often known as ‘The Land of Music’
6. Vienna – Austria’s capital – is home to a quarter of the entire population of Austria
7. Vienna is also home to the world’s oldest zoo!
8. Austria is also an incredibly efficient and green country – 60% of the countries electricity comes from renewable sources
9. The sewing machine was invented in Austria by one Josef Madersperger
10. The oldest national flag in the world belongs to Austria.