Beautiful European Landscapes


Europe has a lot to offer in terms of scenery, and being made up of so many smaller countries it of course offers a range of different beautiful European landscapes of all kinds. Exploring Europe for a while then will bring you face to face with some jaw-dropping vistas and surroundings and will ensure you are in awe of the continent.

Perhaps the most obvious beautiful European landscapes are the various mountain ranges scattered around the countries. The Swiss and French alps for instance are some of the best locations for sweeping views and snow capped peaks. Lesser known however are the Zakopane mountains in Poland, which offer easy access to some of the most Beautiful European Landscapes and best walks and skiing. At the same time you can find fantastic mountainous beautiful European landscapes in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Meanwhile for some slightly different but just as beautiful European landscapes (and just as cold), try visiting some of the fantastic glaciers and frozen lakes in Austria, or the hot springs and glaciers of Iceland which also provides some of the strangest landscapes.

At the other end of the spectrum, one of the other more beautiful European landscapes is also at high altitudes but with no snow in site. This is the volcanic mountain of Tiede in Tenerife, which interestingly is one of the beautiful European landscapes where they filmed ‘Planet of the Apes’. This should give you some indication of just how alien and unusual this area is, looking entirely charred and barren and covered in red rock.

If you are looking for beautiful European landscapes that you might recognise from films though, then you should also try the Scottish highlands which are the logical scene for the Highlander films. Come down a bit further though and you will also find some beautiful European landscapes on the impressive Isle of Skye.

These beautiful European landscapes are not entirely off the beaten track however and you are likely to find that some of the cities and towns can also make beautiful European landscapes. This is true in particular of Venice, which is one of the most highly scenic places surely in the World, as well as Paris which seems to almost ‘glow’. Any of the large cities meanwhile such as London, can provide some beautiful European landscapes when viewed from above at night (not so much at ground level during the day though…).

This is all without even mentioning the amazing beaches of Turkey and Greece (both of which also have some great greenery), the beautiful European landscapes offered by the many forests such as the Black Forest in Germany, or any of the areas that boast fantastic combinations of various types of scenery. Whoever you are then, there are beautiful European landscapes to be enjoyed; just be sure to take your camera.