Map Of Belgium

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Belgium ( by population)

1. Brussel
2. Antwerpen
3. Gent
4. Charleroi
5. Liege
6. Brugge
7. Namur
8. Leuven
9. Mons
10. Aalst


Belgium Known For:

Belgian Waffles
Belgian Shepherd
Capital of European Union


Top 10 Facts About Belgium

1. Many people consider Belgium to be the ‘essence’ of Europe
2. Belgium is famous for it’s chocolate and produces over 220,000 tons per year – the equivalent of 22kg of chocolate per person.
3. As well as making chocolate though, Belgium is also well known for producing beer – and makes roughly 800 different kinds
4. Despite the name, French fries in fact come from Belgium.
5. Belgium is very liberal and forward thinking – gay marriage was legalised in 2003, and euthanasia in 2002.
6. Pets are very popular in Belgium and you’ll be hard pushed to find a family without a cat or dog
7. Belgians are also the second biggest collectors of coupons and discount codes in the world – after the US of course
8. In Belgium education is compulsory until the age of 18 – it is 16 in many other parts of Europe
9. Adolphe Sax is one of the more famous Belgians as the inventor of the saxophone
10. Durbuy, a town in Belgium, is the smallest anywhere in the world