The Eurovision Song Contest – A Guide and Brief History

Eurovision is a song competition that invites all the counties in Europe to put forward a song to be entered into a music competition...

European Imperialism

Imperialism means the building of empires, wherein one country acquires many others and adds these to their empire thereby gaining access to their armies,...

Universities in Europe

A lot of higher education is about getting some life experience – getting live away from home, to learn things you never knew about...

USA vs Europe

Both the US and Europe have an awful lot going for them, and of course it’s impossible to say definitely who ‘wins’ in a...

What is Europe Famous For?

Being a rather large continent with numerous different countries and cultures to offer, Europe is known for rather a lot. Specifically you could say...

The importance of French language and why should it be adopted as a universal...

Being the second most taught language internationally after English, and having a readership and following which are commiserate with the number of its students,...

European coal and steel community

The European coal and steel community was established as a result of a treaty signed in Paris in the year 1951. This treaty was...

Facts about Europe

1.    Europe stands as the second smallest continent in the world, by area. Yet, it has a cultural diversity which can hardly be found...

10 Facts About Europe

Europe is a fascinating continent with a rich history and varied climate and culture. Thus it is no surprise that it is also an...

European Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes are different all over the world. There is no promptness in shoe size measure from one nation to another. Not many of...

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How Social Media Plays A Significant Role In Your Vacation Plans – Europe Edition

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