Cheap Flights to Europe


Cheap flights to Europe can easily be found, through a great variety of airlines and fare finder services both online and not. Searching and calling about various dates and promotions can lead to even greater savings. Always keep in mind when traveling on a budget that neighboring airports for departure and arrival may save you a few bucks.

Many airlines offer small promotions that are not advertised, they reserve these for the people who ask. Sometimes they have online, phone or mail promotions. Check with airlines you have flown with in the past year, quite often they will have incentives for return customers!

1-800 Fly Europe offers cheap flights to Europe from all major United States Airports. In early 2010 1-800 Fly Europe had round trip packages available from Chicago O’ Hare to London Gatwick for as little as $675 for one adult traveling economy class.

Flying Chicago to Madrid through Europe By Air was only $650. Europe By Air has roundtrip packages available from a few designated United States cities to select European cities on very specific dates. This company focuses on offering cheap flights to Europe from European countries. the cheap tickets giant offers a great variety of cheap flights to Europe from a wide selection of United States International Airports. For a round trip ticket to London from Chicago in the Spring of 2010 one could expect to pay as little as $695. Again these rates are for one adult traveling economy class.

With cheap flights to Europe one can expect to be traveling in an Airbus 320-200 or Boeing 737-800 Jet that has seats for 162 passengers in a two-class layout or 189 in a single class layout. And even with cheap flights to Europe you can expect one meal and a movie to be shown during the long flight over the ocean. Some airlines may charge a small fee for in flight meals and headphones for the movies because of their extremely low flying fares.

On tip for finding cheap flights to Europe is to schedule your trip during off seasons. Call various airlines and find out when their cheapest flights are. Many airlines are happy to give you this information because they need to fill seats even if it is at reduced rates. For example a round trip flight booked through in early 2010 for a one week stay in March was between $695 and $788. That same flight in December was raised to over $900! Fall, Winter and Spring months are usually the best times to get cheap flights to Europe, but don’t forget holidays!