Colors of Europe- the Europa


Europe is one place with a perfect combination of myth, reality and modernity. Having a history of thousands of years, Europe is believed to have been named after the Greek Goddess Europa. Full of little known facts such as Europe is the second smallest continent with an almost stable birth rate. Europe is also home to the top 10 charitable countries in the world.

Being home to some wonderful capital cities, Europe is a beauty of a place. The most beautiful cities in Europe include London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, France, Madrid, Rome and Berlin. Almost all European capitals have a distinct taste of history and culture to offer. The capitals of Europe, or as they say in Europe- the capitales de Europa are known all over the world for their splendor and magnificence.
London has probably the best to offer in terms of history and modernity in the whole of Europe. From the London Bridge, to taking an open bus tour of the city, London has it all. Madrid is known as the sports capital of Europe by many, and is home to some of the best football players that Europe has produced in years. This European city is also known for its recreational activities, especially music and theater. Madrid and nearby cities are known for some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe as well. Known as an architectural marvel, Amsterdam is supposed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With a heritage dating back to hundreds of years, this town beckons one and all to its watered alleys and beautiful lanes, lined with old-wooden houses and creeks. The beaches and the former Heineken Brewery are also one of the major attractions of this town.

Europeans love to do a lot of things, and watching football is one of them. Frenetic football fans with beer mugs and colorful outfits can be seen dancing to the tunes of the anthems of their favorite teams. Europa is one of the most watched football tournaments in Europe, and looking at the popularity of the Europa, the federation has introduces the pay per view feature for the Europa 2008, wherein, you would get live streaming of Europa cup matches that you want to watch, directly to your computer.

These are just a few snippets from the beautiful land that Europe is, just a few hues of the colorful picture that Europeans paint, and be rest assured, once you set your foot on this beautiful continent, you are bound to be faced with unparalleled culture, cuisine and forms of life.