Map Of Denmark


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Denmark ( by population)

1. Copenhagen
2. Arhus
3. Odense
4. Alborg
5. Esbjerg
6. Randers
7. Kolding
8. Vejle
9. Horsens
10. Greve


Denmark Known For::

Lego Toys
Royal Copenhagen
Butter Cookies


Top 10 Facts About Denmark

1. Denmark became a member of NATO in 1949, and then the EU in 1973
2. In Denmark the average tax rate is 49%
3. Denmark has one of the best employment rates in the continent
4. Denmark is the birthplace of LEGO, which was founded in 1932
5. The Trivoli amusement park in Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s biggest attractions as one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in the world
6. Another attraction is the Roskilde Music Festival – which is the largest music event in Europe
7. Denmark is also the fifth biggest exporter of food
8. Denmark was the first European country to legalize same-sex marriage which it did in 1989
9. In Denmark the drinking and driving ages are 18, but sexual consent is just 15
10. Denmark’s national flag is the world’s oldest!