Earliest European Best Artists

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The European country is known for its best architectural buildings and arts in painting. Compared with every other country, Europe’s style is a bit different when you can see their art in their fashion sense. The European countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, are some of the countries that attract more tourists throughout the years. The popular buildings there are in European countries are very unique and historical. Therefore, it becomes one of the strongest reasons for tourists to go there. Some of the popular buildings in Europe are Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and Big Ben in London. 

The Historical Arts In Europe

Starting off in 38,000 BC with the prehistoric of anthropomorphic carvings that are made in Europe. It was the oldest animal carvings, discovered in southwest Germany. Right after 15,000 BC, the difficulties in paleolithic arts came up as people started to leave behind meanings in their drawings. In the southwestern of France, humans started drawing more defined bodies of humans and animals such as mammoths, horses, and wolves, in the caves. Meanwhile, during 1,900 BC, the construction of buildings started taking place, like the palace, political buildings, and economic centers. They also started metalworking and making pottery with the presence of clay, gold, stone, and ivory. In 1874, when impressionism was launched by the Paris exhibition,  artists started to create more unfinished arts, focused more on depicting contemporary subjects with the presence of innovative style.

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How Europeans Turn Creative

Based on the survey taken, Europeans admitted that they are very creative compared to other people around the world. The study also shows that the three largest nation in creativity which are Germany, Britain, and France indicates that 392 companies that are working in the creative sector in these countries generate a lot more gross values compared to other sectors. Therefore based on their historical timeline, 

Creative Europe Programmes 

Creative Europe is a program established by the European Union to support cultural, creative, and audiovisual programs. Even until now, they have allocated a big amount of money to support projects that have the potential to go traveling, reaching new targets, and are able to share skills and developments with others. Within the allocations, 31% of the budget has been decided to go for cultural sub-program and while 56% is for Media. Again Creative Europe Program will only agree to set up allocation and funding those who meet its objectives which developing new skills, getting new audiences, digital projects, and strengthening the sector, and build capacity. 

Earliest Best Artists

Some of the earliest best artists known by everyone around the world even until now because of their masterpieces and best paintings are Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Vincent Van Gogh’s most standout painting would be the “Wheatfield with Crows”, which defines “sadness, extreme loneliness” and also “healthy and fortifying about the countryside”, placed in The Van Gogh museum, in Amsterdam. 

Moving on to Pablo Picasso, who has a 15-year-old painting that can be known by anyone about the artists. Pablo Picasso’s painting is basically showcased in The Musee Picasso that also showcases over 400 other paintings. Furthermore, Pablo Picasso is also considered as the game-changer in art as well. 

While Leonardo Da Vinci is a whole different artist because he is not only considered as one the greatest artists, but also as an engineer and scientist with his drawings, sculptures, and paintings found way back in the 1400s. His greatest painting is Mona Lisa that you can find at Louvre in Paris. But they would always suggest people that would want to look at the painting to go to Pinacoteca in Milan, which contains “Codex Atlanticus”, 1,600 of Da Vinci’s drawings and paintings. 


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