Earn Money While Traveling in Europe

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It’s upsetting and disheartening to want to travel and see the world while also being straight up broke. We only live once and no one wants to leave this Earth without at least visiting a few tourist spots. However, getting on a plane and visiting another country is just impossible without the cash to fund the trip. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to travel while making money no matter where you are in the world, and one of them is working as a web design agency. All you need is a decent internet connection, your smartphone, laptop or tablet and this article for inspiration! You will gain the money to travel all over Europe in no time.

Odd Jobs

A popular choice amongst people who call themselves “digital nomads” is doing freelance work on the internet. Nowadays, there are websites and apps designed specifically for this purpose such as Fiverr and Upwork. With these platforms, people are able to offer and apply to all types of different services and jobs wherever they are in the world. The jobs on offer range from the common culprits like translation, web design and copywriting but if you don’t have the necessary skills for more technical work, you can give your services for silly things as well. It’s not uncommon to find someone on Fiverr offering to break up with your partner for five dollars. 

Try to start working as a freelancer while you are still at home to establish a reputation on the platform first. If you don’t have any prior references on your profile, finding work isn’t always simple. Describe all of your qualifications and get ready for employment offers! Be sure to use whatever ability you have to earn money to fund your travels.

Language Teacher

web design agency

Since you’re reading this article right now, it’s safe to say that you speak or at least understand the English language. This is a great opportunity for you as there is high demand for fluent English speakers all over the world to teach the language. You’ll have more opportunities if you’re a native English speaker as people and institutions of higher learning favor hiring instructors whose first language is English. To improve your chances of landing a better paying job, it would be wise to enroll in a course like TEFL or TESL. Even if you don’t have an English teaching certificate, you can still teach online.

Chances are you speak more than one language which is an even bigger boon for you. Be sure to market all of your capabilities which includes every language you speak. There is demand for every language speaker all over the world, you’ll have a great shot of landing a language teaching job wherever you may be in the world.

Website Design

web design agency

Many businesses use freelance web designers and programmers instead of recruiting staff members or a web design agency for short-term projects. This is great news for you! You can easily take advantage of this by offering your services in web design and development. If you lack the necessary knowledge, you may learn the fundamentals online from a variety of sources. Not that it will suffice for advanced technical tasks, but with sufficient persistence, you may quickly learn how to build up a respectable website. Nowadays, learning to code is one of the most beneficial talents you can include on your resume as the demand for web designers is high all over the world. Take this golden opportunity to gain money and you will be going on a tour in Vatican City soon enough!

Social Media Manager

The rise of social media these past few years have allowed for plenty of job opportunities. The best part about this is that handling social media can be done remotely. Every day, there are so many posts published that it can be difficult for businesses without much marketing expertise to stand out from the competition. If you have a solid understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you’ll be incredibly employable as a social media manager for businesses across the world.

If you’re looking for a steady income for a while, these projects are often longer-term ones. Businesses increasingly engage freelancers to manage their accounts since it simply takes too much time to simply keep up with what’s occurring on a corporate profile especially for promotional activities. If you’re a chronically online type of person, this job is perfect for you!

Travel Influencer

web design agency

Since you’re already traveling all over Europe, why not make that your source of income as well? Becoming an influencer is easier said than done, we know, but if you have the facilities to try it out then why not? You can really only pull this off if you already have a decent following on social media so be warned. Try and gain a wider audience by utilizing hashtags, reels on Instagram, and make TikTok videos. When visiting the gorgeous European tourist spots, be sure to make tons of content to blast through your socials. 

You will require supplies for your journey which includes clothing, transportation and so on. Consider approaching companies who sell them and volunteering to serve as their online marketing ambassadors. If you already have a respectable social media following, they will be more likely to agree to a contract with you. If you don’t, try reaching out to smaller companies who require exposure just as much as you do. It’s a win-win for all!

web design agency

There are entire networks of people who make a living while seeing the world. You can find them online to gather useful tips and connect with more experienced, like minded people. Remember, you are never alone!