Engaging In Love and Sex Online In Europe

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The ongoing pandemic has caused a major shift in our lifestyle and we can see the effect of it on a personal level. Nowadays, it is more prevalent for adults to be engaging in love and sex online more so after the rise of the current pandemic, which affected our normal lifestyles. This is because internet usage has influenced our daily life which has caused a major shift in both our love life and sex life. 

As the world is shifting to a more digital era, more changes can be seen in European lifestyles. For example, on how Europeans are leaning more towards searching for love and satisfying their sexual needs online. On top of that, the internet enables adults in Europe to do a variety of activities related to love and sex online. 

Such activities are online dating, mail-ordering brides, buying sexual items and watching pornographies. The stated activities found to be more prone in European countries. This is because Europeans are known to be more open about their love and sexual activities compared to other countries.

Online Dating

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The Internet works as a mediator by connecting individuals from different places. This can be seen to enhance the communication between the individuals, which makes it easier for them to get to know each other better. This works as the best tool for dating in this modern era, more so after the social distancing and lockdown rule implemented because of the ongoing pandemic. Besides that, they also feel comfortable using online dating tools such as Badoo, Lovoo and OkCupid. This might be a precautionary step taken by them when it comes to meeting someone new who is a stranger to them. This is because meeting a stranger online makes them feel safer and handle rejection better than meeting them in real life. Apart from that, certain European dating websites require the user to answer a personality test to find a partner that is more compatible with them. This is one of the most sought out features in online dating by adults in Europe because of its ability to match like-minded individuals which are less time consuming as compared to searching for a compatible partner without it.

Mail-Ordered Bride

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This is more common now due to the fast-paced environment and culture. With the use of the internet, some European men are opting to find their partner online by mail ordering their brides. This is because they believe it is faster than going through the entire stages of physical or online dating. Besides that, they believe that they can lay their cards related to each other’s expectations on the table prior to getting married, which enables them to have a trouble-free marriage life. They believe this is possible because of their busy lifestyle and their living environment affected by the pandemic, which causes them to feel inadequate in finding their brides in real life.

Purchasing Sex Toys

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It can be seen that approximately at least 200 in 1000 internet searches per day would be on sex toy purchasing. It was found to be increasing because of the current pandemic which affected their sex life with the social distancing and lockdown rule to curb the spread of the virus. As a way to self-satisfy themselves, mostly European women are found to be browsing google for better sex tools. For example, they would search for websites such as Sex toys Malaysia as it not only does domestic shipping but also international shipping with a variety of choices. From this, it is clear that adults in Europe are leaning more towards self-pleasure as part of their lifestyle as a result of self-isolation caused by the current pandemic.

Watching Porn

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According to studies, watching porn online has been found to be the most preferred sexual activity online for men in Europe. But on the other hand, it was found that women are also equally indulging in watching porn online but not as much and as frequently as men in Europe. The most common reason is self-isolation, where the adults have no choice but to use pornography as an alternative way to their inactive sex life. Moreover, adults that have unsatisfactory sex life are found to be engaging more in watching pornography as a way to compensate for their dissatisfaction.

To conclude, the article stipulates how important are online love and sex in European culture and the influence of the ongoing pandemic on it. It can also be seen that more European men as compared to women are indulging in love and sex online. Regardless, there lays a question on whether is this how the future of love and sex will be permanently in Europe or will there be changes to it once life moves on when the pandemic ends.