Eurail Pass


Using a Eurail pass is it possible to travel within or between European countries for a single discounted price. Like any rail pass, the purpose of the Eurail pass is to save the individual money by giving them a one off payment for a certain amount of use rather than their having to buy train tickets each time they want to make a journey.

This then means that a Eurail pass provides a perfect way to visit multiple different European countries on a budget on a single trip, and this means that an individual can experience the vast range of cultures and scenery offered by different European countries without having to spend too much at all. This then also gives a great feeling for backpackers and the idea of crossing borders in foreign lands on a train is a highly romantic one and one that is very appealing to a lo of people.

Using a Eurail pass, not only do you get the journey more cheaply, but it also has many other advantages. As the trains will make lots of stops and run all through the day you can make as many stops as you like and admire the scenery as you go. Meanwhile, as you will be looking out the window as you travel you will be able to soak in the scenery and decide easily which places you want to stop at and which ones you want to pass through – you might find some beautiful areas around Europe that you wouldn’t otherwise have known.

Eurail Pass

Compared to using a car – which is the only other affordable option for visiting so many countries – a Eurail pass is far easy to organise and won’t require insurance or parking etc. If you were to travel by car a lot of difficulty would come from the fact that you cannot rent a car from most companies as they would not allow you to cross the borders. You would also have to learn to drive no the left or right sides and adapt to the roads of many different places which is highly stressful.

When using a Eurail pass however there is nothing to organise and you will be able to sleep on the train and travel after drinking. You can watch the scenery, reflect on your day’s events, or read and get some rest between travels. The only downside to a Eurail pass is of course the fact that you need to lug your luggage with your everywhere. Thus the kind of people who will benefit from doing Europe by train are those who are able to travel with limited supplies and items  – ‘backpackers’. If you’re using a Eurail pass, then be sure to use this technique and take a very small travel case, or a medium sized backpack and limit yourself to taking only items that will fit into that space.

To look into the countries you want to visit head onto the website, or another website that offers the Eurail passes. You will then be asked to select the country or countries you wish to travel in and between, and to select a duration for your Eurail pass to lat. This will give you a rough estimate of the price and you can then go ahead and buy, or make changes to suit you. You can expect to pay between 500-2,000 EUR depending on your selection.