Europe Natural Resources


Europe is bestowed with nature’s blessings. Each country in Europe has some landmark natural resources which are exported all over the world. The European Union has firm polices regarding the export and free trade of Europe natural resources. It is working hard for the expansion of the free trade all over Europe. It is aiming towards enhanced markets and ample supplies. The European Union is taking account of the sustainability factor of the Europe natural resources. The European Union is also aiming at free trade policies to all the European industries abroad. But these are some long term plans. The European Union economic policies have marked a revolution in the area of trade of the Europe natural resources.

Let us first have a look at the natural resources of each European nation, individually. Germany is rich in Iron ores, coal and natural gas production. The nation also accounts for some important minerals like copper, salt, potash and nickel. Modern day Germany has also started exporting important construction materials. Belgium exports construction materials like carbonates and silica sand. Italy is known for important Europe natural resources like coal, marble, mercury, potash, pumice, barite, zinc, nickel, barite, asbestos, fluorspar, pyrite, feldspar, sulfur, salt, uranium and copper. Italy is also self sufficient for the construction materials.

Russia, located in the European region, is quite rich in global natural resources. It accounts for natural resources like phosphates, platinum, chromium, manganese, iron ores, nickel, titanium, tungsten, copper and tin. Russia is also rich in precious natural resources like gold and diamonds. Siberian Forests, located in Russia, account for more than twenty percent of worlds’ timber consumption. France too comprises of important minerals like iron ores, uranium and bauxite. French natural resources are rich in, much required, coal and petroleum as well. Holland adds to the European natural gas production. It is also rich in construction materials like limestone, sand and gravel stone. Holland is also rich in petroleum (the need of the hour), peat, arable and salt. The United Kingdom is responsible for the supply of gypsum and chalk all over Europe. It is also rich in Europe natural resources like coal, petroleum, lead, zinc, natural gas, iron ores, gold, limestone, salt, tin and clay.

Europe natural resources like oil and gas are designed to aid industries, analysts, service companies and regulatory bodies in Europe.  This makes the management better and increases the opportunity for global business.