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Europe news channels are amongst the best news channels in the world today. BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation is the king of global news channels. This channel is originally a British news channel. BBC is the globe’s largest news broadcaster. This Europe news channel is managed and run by the BBC Trust. It is a public service based corporation. This European channel is now broadcasted in more than two hundred countries. You can even have direct access to this channel. BBC has wide spread journalism roots all over the world. More than three hundred million households are fond of this European news channel. The BBC website is well organized and encompasses an all-inclusive news website and news archive for the readers. BBC news website is also considered to be the best Europe news content based website. The website claims that more than thirteen million people visit it on a daily basis. The website is very interactive and welcomes feedback and suggestions. BBC also offers a free broadband service called the BBC Jam.

France 24 is another popular Europe news channel. This channel covers all the international news and topical matters. France 24 is a news channel which has gained a lot of popularity in short period of time. France 24 is run in partnership between France Televisions and the Groupe TF1. It is supported by the French government. This channel is based in Paris and broadcasted from there only. This Europe news channel is broadcasted in three languages: French, English and Arabic. France 24 broadcasts programs including the In the Weekends, The News, In The Papers, the Business, the Face-Off, the France 24 Interview, the Environment, the France 24 Debate, Beyond business, Health, the Reporters, the Top story, The Week In the Americas, The Week In the Middle East, The Week In the Europe, The Week In the Asia, The Week In France, The Week In the Africa, The Week In the  Fashion, Weather, the Web news, Sports, Markets, Culture, Opinions, Lifestyle and the Lessons For the Future. This channel is broadcasted in the Middle East, Africa, New York, Washington D.C and Europe.

Russia Today is also an admired European news channel. It is well known as RT in Europe. This channel is globally broadcasted in English. You can also read the global news online on the Russian Today homepage. This channel is targeted to present the Russian outlook all over the world.