Europe Travel


Europe should be your travel destination this year. Before you plan your Europe travel, keep in mind the following things: map of all the European cities, cheapest local transportation facilities available, list of best hotels, places where you can experience economical meals and getting into the place. As far as Europe travel is concerned, we recommend you travel by train. Railway is the most economical way to travel in Europe. After that you should have a fair idea of all the tourist attractions of the place. Travel guides are a good option but never rely on them blindly.

Europe travel is not possible in one visit. We will list for you all the places, country-wise, that you should not miss if you happen to visit these particular countries in Europe. Austria has five attractions: Innsbruck, Tirolo Austriaco, Wien, Salzburg and Linz (the cultural capital of Europe in 2009). If you plan to visit England, just don’t miss out on London, Stansted and Aeroporto. The main center in France is the capital city Paris. Paris is a complete Europe travel destination in an absolute sense.

Germany visit will be incomplete without visiting Berlin, Munich and Francoforte. Greece has several important cities like Athens (the capital city of Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world), Crete, Peloponneso and Rodi. Spain is famous world wide, for its culture and food.

Spain has many important cities like Barcelona, Madrid (capital city of Spain), Palma di, and Compostela, Maiorca and Santiago de. Sweden visit is incomplete without Stockholm. Zurigo is the place for you in Switzerland. Holland calls for visiting Amsterdam (largest city of Holland), Schiphol and Aeroporto di.

Italy is the most visited European travel destination in the entire world, it is justified with its variety and splendor. Italy has loads of cities, which you just can not afford to miss out. Some of them are Rome, Milan (second largest city of Italy and the fashion capital), Pisa (famous world wide for the bell tower), Turin, Venice, Assisi, Bergamo, Cagliari, Gubbio, Sardegna, Le Cinque Terre, Verona, Natale and Mercatini di.

Italy requires a designated visit to be fully appreciated. Europe also offers excellent ski and winter sport vacation. If you are fond of winter sports, then your Europe travel destination is none other than Finland. The best time to visit the country is from January to March.