Europe Weather


We go on holiday for many reasons, but one of the major things we tend to look for when we travel somewhere new is great weather. It’s a sunny day that will enable us to enjoy sitting out in the sun around the pool, or going for a swim without shivering like mad, while if it’s cold and wet it can make even sight seeing a lot less enjoyable.

So when you head off to Europe you’ll want to check first what the weather is like in the various countries so that you can choose somewhere that will give you some time in the sun as well as all the culture, dining and history you expect from Europe.

Your Europe Weather Guide

If you’re looking for the best European weather then you need to travel South towards Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Bulgaria and the South of France. Spain in particular is known for being a great place to enjoy a sunny ‘beach’ holiday with the Canary Islands being very close to Africa. Meanwhile most of Spain, as well as Italy, Greece, Southern France, Albania and Bulgaria all enjoy a Mediterranean coastline guaranteeing you beautiful sunny beaches. For a subtropical and more humid climate Croatia, Serbia or Slovenia can all offer you that kind of close heat.

Meanwhile many of the city breaks and travel hotspots you’ll enjoy in Europe have a more mild climate. If you’re visiting Northern France, the UK or Germany then expect mild temperatures and unpredictable weather throughout the year. The UK in particular is well known for being wet and grey and particularly as you travel further up North. Also in this category are Poland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus and Belgium.

Of course some European countries also feature impressive mountain-scapes, so if you’re looking for a winter getaway with snow and ice then Switzerland, the Alps or the Tatra mountains will offer you something a bit different. Iceland meanwhile as well as Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden all feature a much harsher climate and even some subarctic and tundra areas.

In short then, whatever kind of climate you’re looking for Europe has you covered, but for a traditional beach holiday you’ll want to stay around the Mediterranean South.