Europe Word Is A Game-Changer For News Magazines And Websites

Europe Word is a game-changer for news magazines and websites

Europe is a place of wonder. It is a massive continent that holds 44 countries under it and it accounts for at least 50% of the world’s total tourists number in the year 2019. It received more than 500 million tourists last year and it has been predicted that the number would only increase in the years to come. However, as we all know, 2020 landed with a tragedy from the start of the year and this has had a huge impact on the tourism industry. People are prohibited to fly out – unless necessary – in some countries while others close their borders which means they are banning any tourists from coming to their country. This has been going on for almost the entirety of 2020 and we are still fighting the virus due to the fact we still do not have any vaccine. Consequently this year, places where it was always packed with tourists, would be eerily empty, devoid of bustling foreigners taking pictures and talking loudly. It would take quite a long time for the tourism industry to recover from this shock but some studies that have been made show positive results which are very promising for the tourism industry.

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Europe Word is a news magazine and website that provides news and stories around Europe the readers. As people are missing out on travelling to Europe this year, we will instead bring Europe to you. Everyone deserves a break from their home country sometimes and experience different parts of the world in order to gain more knowledge about the world we live in. We are blessed to be in an era where everything is connected by the internet. We live in times where you don’t necessarily have to go out to experience the world. You can sufficiently experience the world through your smartphone screen or your laptop screen and now that we are advised to stay home, that is the best solution. Experience Europe through your phone. These are the three reasons why you should browse Europe Word.


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One-Stop Websites

1 – A one-stop website

We provide our readers with endless news and stories from Europe. We provide our readers with everything, from travel stories or tips to the latest news on situations happening in Europe. We are aware that our readers may have difficulty in finding different websites for everything that they would like to know so if you come to our website, you may find all your desired information just by searching through our archives. People would be surprised at how resourceful our website is and it would be very beneficial for the readers to look through because there is no limit to what you can learn and gain from the internet. Europe Word also does coverage from different parts of the world like Japan, the Middle East, and many more. We try to be as inclusive as possible by building bureaus around the world. With that said, we are proud of our collections for the news and stories we have written over the past years and our achievements and while we still do have much to improve as a whole, we are committed to giving our very best for all the news or stories or articles that we publish on our website.


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A Way of Escape

2 – A way of escape

As in the introduction, where everyone is most probably stuck at home because of the virus, let Europe Word become your means of escape. You can look at Europe through us and experience the diversity and uniqueness of Europe by clicking on the country you would like to virtually visit. People are welcome to share with their loved ones and experience it together. Your day would be a rewarding and satisfying day. An escape is needed for you to heal and it is unfortunate for everyone not to be able to travel physically this year so the next best thing is to travel virtually. It is predicted that even next year would be hard to allow people to travel again due to the fact that no vaccine has been approved by health professionals. However, once a vaccine has been released to the public, the tourism industry would surely bloom once again.


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Awareness in Writing

3 – Awareness

Rather than talking about spreading awareness, it is more that we are aware in our writing. We try to avoid as many sensitive topics as possible. We make sure that we are constantly up to date with the current issues around Europe. We make sure to be diverse in the way we present our news or stories because we believe in inclusivity. Societies are meant to grow together and we aim to bring the communities around the world closer by uniting them through our website. We intend to empower them to make changes to the world and in order to do that, we have to educate ourselves first and empower ourselves before we impart that wisdom to other people around the world. We want to be able to influence people using our platform. We are also aware that people nowadays truly appreciate art in every form so to please our readers even further, we have searched for the best that would provide us with the finest aesthetic for our website. Hopefully, the designs would enhance the reader’s experience while browsing through our website. Now feel free to browse Digital Marketing Malaysia. We wish you the best of your time here on our website. You would discover a new world of news magazines and websites.