Europe world – The original home to fashion and glamor


Europe is the innate home for the world of fashion and glamour. Its trends and styles are followed by the world. People from all over the globe come to Europe to shop for luxury and purchase their garments and accessories. You can find the world’s leading modeling agencies in France and United Kingdom. We all know that Paris is the leader of fashion industry. Italy is no less in the world of fashion and style. Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, is world famous for its fashion shows and lifestyle brands like Gucci and Armani. Europe also has one of the most competent fashion designers, fashion photographers and leading supermodels.

Europe -models

Europe -models

The Models 1, located in London, United Kingdom, is one of the world’s most prominent modeling agencies. This agency has promoted booming models like Agyness Deyn. The Angels Models Management, Viva Models, Next Models, Roxane Models, IMG models, Ford Models, Metropolitan Models, are the topmost modeling agencies in Paris, France. The Ocean Models, situated in Derbyshire, U.K, is a model management agency that invests in commercial, fashion and glamour modeling for upcoming models. The MCM, London, set up in 2001 is a very famed modeling agency. It has been known for its involvement with Hollywood for years now. There are many agencies in U.K that encourage male models. United Kingdom has so far shaped unbeaten male models like Mark Wahlberg and James Penfold.

Did you know that world’s most renowned fashion and lifestyle magazine the Vogue also belongs to Europe?

Vogue is a British magazine and is loved universally by the refined feminine fashion mavens. It features the newest in exquisiteness, trend, fitness, wellness and celebrities. Europe has produced so many super models in the past. Agyness Deyn, an English model, belongs to The Great Manchester, and is a future supermodel. She has been featured in the Vogue magazine in the record of top ten models on the globe. Another name that comes to our mind, when we talk of glamour modeling in Europe is Paris Hilton. She made her mark in her modeling career and then moved on to movies.

Europe fashion shows are known for their eminence and exclusivity. Chanel and Christian Dior are renowned for their fashion shows in Paris and worldwide. Some of the most popular British designers include names like Cristopher, Matthew Williamson, Jofn Galliano, Bruce Oldfield, Vivienne and many more. Europe is beyond doubt, the world of glamour and fashion and couldn’t get better.