European Adventures


Europe is a continent that houses a huge number of different cultures, climates, landscapes and more and there are literally countless things to see and do there. As such then, it should come as no surprise that there are a vast range of European adventures to be had on the continent that can make for great exciting stories, amazing photographs and a great feeling of adventure without needing to travel anywhere that’s too much the back of beyond.

To get the best European adventures and experiences though you need to know where to go and what there is to do that can create feelings of exploration and get the adrenaline pumping. Of course you can have European adventures anywhere in Europe and you never really know what’s going to happen – however some places certainly lend themselves more to European adventures than others – firstly anywhere with a mountain range is always going to make for a great adventure and here you will be able to explore and do some rock climbing and hiking, while taking great photographs and even engaging in extreme sports. For this kind of adventuring there are many mountain ranges to visit in Russia, in Switzerland, in Italy, in France, in Scotland, in Wales and elsewhere. One of the most exciting mountain ranges though for European adventures are the Tatra mountains which are along the border between Poland and Slovakia. These mountains allow someone with relatively little experience to reach some spectacular views, and to really feel like you’ve conquered a mountain. This is also a great place for skiing.

If you want to try something a little more rock-climbing oriented, then going to Alfont in France is a great way to get your fill of European adventures. Here you can try ‘free soloing’ which means climbing without a rope over water. Of course this isn’t recommended unless you have supervision and know what you’re doing, but it’s certainly one of the more exciting European adventures.

Or, try hiking with a twist and climb Mount Tiede in Tenerife – a mountain that looks like another planet and is covered in unusual red rock as a result of the lava drying. If it’s amazing sights you’re after in your European adventures, then try heading to Croatia for the Plitvice Lakes. These are considered one of the most beautiful sights in Europe filled with lush trees and leaves, gushing waterfalls and sixteen lakes on different planes at an altitude of 636 meters – separated by natural damns made from moss and algae. If you want to feel like Indiana Jones or Richard Attenborough on your European adventures, then this is well and truly the place for you. Similarly why not visit Meteora in Greece where you can experience buildings suspended high in the air on huge rock cliffs. It looks absolutely fabulous and there are some truly spectacular sights to behold if you explore the area.

There are literally thousands of amazing places to explore like this, and part of the fun is the sense of discovery when you come across something like this. Travel to Turkey and explore off the beaten path a little (being careful to look out for snakes etc) and you can easily stumble across old ruins of temples and other buildings which really makes you feel like Tomb Raider.

The other kind of European adventures though come from living and trying to survive in foreign cultures. This is a highly taxing experience and if you are learning the language as you go it can lead to some exciting events. To really live in the spirit of adventure try holidaying to somewhere in Eastern Europe where they speak limited English and don’t book any hotels or anything. Take just the bare essentials in a backpack and don’t spend more than two nights in the same place – European adventures guaranteed…

Your experience awaits you…