European Camping vs. Resort Holidays


When it comes to planning a holiday, the decisions to be made can be a little overwhelming. Besides choosing your destination, where you’re going to stay is probably the next biggest item on the agenda. There are so many different options, each of which has its faults as well as its bonuses. Perhaps one of the biggest questions surrounding accommodation is whether to book into a resort and have everything on hand, or to go down the camping route and hold onto your independence.

In the current economic climate, most people are trying their best to make as many savings as possible. This includes their holiday choices. The “staycation” has sky-rocketed in popularity, with many people opting to head for somewhere closer to home in order to save on flights and expensive activities. Camping is a great option for a home vacation. If you’re holidaying with a family, it’s a lovely way to get to grips with nature and take in some of the delights the open air has to offer. Everybody can pitch in and get involved to make your holiday into something really special.

There are a number of fantastic camping spots across Europe too, such as Domaine des Alicourts in Loire. This is a quiet spot where you can pitch up and enjoy fishing, biking and swimming around the area. There’s also a great crazy golf course, football pitch and video arcade, so plenty of activities to keep kids busy, while adults can relax in the local spa complex.

All that being said, however, it seems camping is not quite as popular as one might expect at the moment. It appears it’s not just the economic climate that has been affecting our decisions on how to holiday. Wet weather can completely ruin a camping holiday and leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your break in a sodden pile of soggy socks – not so great! As a more pleasant alternative, booking a resort holiday means you don’t have to worry about whether the sun will be shining the whole time.

There are some fantastic online bargain holidays in Europe to be had, many of which are centred on one of the myriad resorts across the continent. Portugal is a great spot for anyone looking for an affordable package holiday. Here you can soak yourself in sun as you recline on some of the best beaches in Europe. The Algarve is great for families as there are tons of family-friendly activities to take part in. Flights are relatively cheap and don’t taken very long, and while you’re there, you’ll be able to take part in all sorts of outdoor activities including surfing, tennis and horseback riding, and for the more adventurous types, there’s rock-climbing, kite-surfing and wakeboarding.

A resort holiday seems to hold a slight advantage over a traditional camping trip. You can still experience all the wonders of nature if you plan your days properly, and you don’t have to worry about bad weather and poor sleeping conditions ruining your holiday mood.