European Coffee


European coffee has been around for centuries.  It was first discovered in Ethiopia.  Since then it has taken off as the most popular drink all over the world.  A lot of third world countries use coffee for trade income.  Thus, allowing exporting to the USA, Europe and many other countries. Coffee wasn’t widely accepted until it was blessed by the pope in the late 1600’s.  Europe has some of the finest coffeehouse in the world.  These coffeehouses were designed after Italy’s original idea in the late 1600’s.  Today there are many different types of coffee drinks that can keep a consumer wondering what is next.

A small piece of history shows that Venice, Italy is the place where European coffee was introduced to the world.  Since Italy was the front runner of the European coffee industry, they were responsible for today’s espresso and cappuccino.  This caused a major trade route for goods to and from North Africa and Europe.  Even though it was being trade in Italy for many years, it was the Dutch that started trading coffee in large amounts.  It is noted that in the 1700’s the Dutch provided Louis XIV with the first cup of coffee.  This in return caused for massive production of this product in Europe. Due to the bitterness, this is when sugar made the dinner table right next to the coffee.  In Germany, coffee became a regular occasion for consumption in the afternoon.   Also it was Germany that developed the decaffeinated coffee.  It was said that they managed to perfect it without losing the original taste of today’s coffee product.  Today’s cappuccino machines date back to 1946 where a man in Italy made the first machine.  Coffee today has since evolved from the primitive methods into a gourmet drink.  European coffee was also called the “penny drink”, this was due to the fact it only cost a penny to purchase a single cup.  It is often seen in so many varieties and flavors that choosing one might be difficult.  Europe was the beginning of a major coffee movement for many years.  European coffee is said to be the most diverse coffee in the world due to the many coffeehouses.  Today European coffee is available to everyone in the world via the World Wide Web.

With today’s types of coffee it can be a hard decision to walk into a coffeehouse and be able to select just one kind.  Most people use coffee in the morning wake up and have been doing so for many years.  There are many pros and cons for health issues surrounding coffee.  All of which are enough to confuse anyone.   As of 1990 coffee is considered to be second in world trade commodities to oil.  With that said Europe and the rest of the world have embraced it with open arms.  Coffee has been around for a long time.  It is the reason why most people function in the morning.  Coffee is only good in moderation as well.