European Cycling


Europe has a host of different scenery which lends itself to a whole range of different activities. Whether you’re into extreme sports, hiking, photography, painting landscapes, or anything else – you can be sure the Europe will have the facilities for you. This means that among other things, there are plenty of places to do some European cycling and this is something that many people enjoy on a regular basis in Europe and that other holiday makers will incorporate into their trips.

While you can go cycling anywhere that has a relatively flat surface, the best European cycling will include bicycle trails and great views. These can be found in many parts of Europe, for example in Snowdon, Wales, which is famous for its mountains (particularly the titular ‘Mount Snowdon’) and for its pleasant villages – all of which are great to cycle through. This is also near Criccieth which has a great castle and beaches which make for an interesting and scenic bike ride.

If its mountains you want though then there are many other great places to try some European cycling, such as in the French and Swiss alps. Another great mountainous region for some European cycling is also Zakopane in Poland which is home to some o the best views and snow capped mountains that are fairly easily accessible. For the beach on the other hand you can find places to cycle at most coastal regions in England, France, Italy and anywhere else with a coast line. Of course this also includes countries like Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria which have amazing beaches and a warmer temperature – though this will also make it more difficult for those who struggle in hotter weather to cycle.

Nature reserves and public parks also offer a great location for cycling, and the latter provides some European cycling in the inner cities. Paris offers a vast range of parks such as the Jardins de Luxemberg and a great ride is through these gardens. Similarly in London you can enjoy a ride through Hyde park, and they both have big rivers that also offer some nice scenery. If you want to cycle in an English city though, York should be at the top of your European cycling list and this will offer you one of the most scenic rides in the UK and even Europe laden with small cafes and restaurants.