European Dress Sizes


Certain areas of Europe are particularly known for their dresses and their fashion in general. Take France for instance which is the birthplace of many a great dress design, or Italy which many designers also call home. Thus it’s no surprise that many people will want to pick up European dresses while traveling, or will order them online. The only problem is European dress sizes, which are different from those in the US and which many people shopping online will not know.

Making life more difficult is the fact that European dress sizes vary between say Germany and France and are completely different in the UK than they are in mainland Europe. Fortunately help is at hand, and below you can find a guide to European dress sizes compared to US and UK dress sizes.


U.S. Germany Belgium/France Italy U.K.
0 28 30 34 2
2 30 32 36 4
4 32 34 38 6
6 34 36 40 8
8 36 38 42 10
10 38 40 44 12
12 40 42 46 14
14 42 44 48 16
16 44 46 50 18
18 46 48 52 20
20 48 50 54 22


            By observing this chart it is possible to recognize which European dress sizes will fit you as well as which UK dress sizes. Note however that UK dress sizes are notorious for changing depending on which manufacturer produced the clothes – if you are a ten in one shop you won’t necessarily be in another. Note as well that the sizes in Belgium and France are slightly larger than in Germany, and slightly larger again in Italy (a 40 in France is a 44 in Italy). Make sure when buying UK or European dresses online that there is a good return policy.

Another point of interest is that European dress sizes are set to change with the introduction of EN 13402 which is an optional new system developed by the EU in order to create more consistency among European dress sizes. This is based on cm and measures the physique in several dimensions, though it is not currently in widespread use.