European food – Origin of recipes


Food is an important element of European lifestyle manifesting the region’s flamboyance, exclusivity and prosperity. It epitomizes opulence and growth. European food is mixture of plenty of cultures, regions and ethnicities. But the common part in this discrepancy is definitely the love and affection involved in making and serving the European food. From Romanian cuisine to ethnic London food: Europe has it all for you. Europe food has deep roots of mosaic and corresponding histories associated. Ancient European food had some particular recipes and ingredients, which are a part of almost all European dishes.

Did you know the very tasty mayonnaise, which is a part of various dishes enjoyed all over the world, was invented by a French chef? Did you know that mustard was first used in Romania? Do you have an idea of where béarnaise was first made?

These and many other popular recipes are typically European inventions, which are popular all over the world today. One of the very famous dishes of Europe is roasted beef( from the ancient time of Julius Caesar), Chicken Kiev( invented by a French chef), Lasagna( first cooked in England), the popular hot dog( invented in Germany about 200 years ago) and the Bouillabaisse( invented in Marseilles). And obviously, you must be familiar with very famous recipe known as the pizza which was invented in 1890. It is quite surprising to know that pizza, a European dish, has its maximum consumption in the U.S. This shows the popularity of the European food in all parts of the word. European food has an outstanding utilization of meat. It is used for several dishes like soups and main course meals. Meat is an essential item to be consumed in colder regions like Finland.

European food is incomplete without sweets, deserts and wines. Our very favorite waffle was developed in France, around the 13th century. The Choux, a kind of pastry, or probably the synonym for pastry in Europe, was first made in Italy. Ice Cream is a European dish, found in Italy. What more evidences would a person require? All these mouth watering things belong to the authenticity of European cuisine. European cuisine has variety, taste and exclusiveness.  European wine and other forms of alcohol like beer give it an exceptional European touch. Today, when the world is globalized, people are not aware of the origin of the food they like. European food is available in every part of the world.