European Immigration Laws


European immigration laws are the laws that are in place to dictate who is and isn’t granted visas to live and work in European countries. The European immigration laws then are of great importance to any one hoping to move into the countries, but they are also very important for all those who already do live there.

Unfortunately European immigration laws are a matter of controversy among residents of the continent – as they are in most countries around the world. Any country can only fit so many civilians in and there are only so many resources to go around as well. If a country becomes too populous then that means that its resources and jobs will be stretched and that residents may find themselves struggling to find work or apply for benefits in their own country and taxes could go up. At the same time more stringent European immigration laws are in place in order to help protect the economy in those more wealthy countries. In England this is a problem with many Polish immigrants coming to work in Britain only to send their wages back to their home countries. This then of course filters money out of the English economy and into the Polish one – so it’s understandable that some English citizens are unhappy with their current European immigration laws.

At the same time though having European immigration laws that are too stringent can also be a problem – both in terms of the economy and in terms of morality. Many citizens wants to be able to offer asylum to immigrants who often have nowhere else to go. At the same time though outsourcing foreign talent from abroad is a great way to bring in skilled workers when in short supply and this can help the countries to get medical staff etc when it’s not available locally. Meanwhile for areas like the South of France immigration brings with it many wealthy pensioners looking for a relaxed way of life and somewhere to spend their money. Again of course this makes slightly more lenient European immigration laws potentially quite lucrative for a country.

The real controversy however regarding European immigration laws is surrounding the changes made by the EU which make it very difficult for countries to refuse entry to citizens of other EU member states. This has seen a lot more immigration between European countries of course which has had some negatives in certain countries.

The debate regarding European immigration laws continues to rage on. If you are planning on moving to or within Europe then make sure you are fully informed of the laws before you go. If you are in Europe already, then make sure that you understand the European immigration laws in your own country and decide what your views on the topic are. Your power to vote gives you the ability to change these and it is a very important and complex subject.

European Immigration

European Immigration