European Lifestyle


There are many reasons to visit a country – the food, the scenery, the sites and the weather. While you’re there though, one of the things that can strike you the most is the lifestyle, and if the place has a great vibe such as the European lifestyle then this can really add to a holiday and what helps make you feel free and relaxed. Furthermore it can be very interesting learning how different countries live their lives and how the European lifestyle differs from your own.

Of course being a large continent, the European lifestyle varies depending on which country you’re in. The European lifestyle in the South of France differs greatly for example to the European lifestyle thought of in England. As a rule though there is a general European lifestyle that most people think of when they think about the continent.

This ‘typical’ European lifestyle is a lifestyle that’s highly laid back, doesn’t work to hard and enjoys the finer things in life. Perhaps the seminal area for this is the South of France which exemplifies the European lifestyle to a T. Here the weather is warm, and those who live there tend to make the most of it by enjoying sitting outside in the evenings, taking siestas, and generally not over exerting themselves in the heat. At the same time a big part of European lifestyle here is based around the enjoyment of fine food and drink, and vineyards play a large role in the lifestyle. Someone from the South of France will likely have great taste and enjoy drinking wine in fancy bars by the sea while the sun comes up, enjoying this slower paced existence by more fully enjoying moments and tastes. The licensing laws then support this European lifestyle by allowing residents to sit out in the sun drinking throughout the day and late at night when they’re not at work, which seems to combat and negate the binge-drinking culture of many other countries. And all this relaxation and enjoyment creates a very friendly and playful attitude that’s a joy for tourists.

Countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are then just as laid back in their European lifestyle, enjoying good music and good food and charming quaint architecture. In Greece you can just as easily enjoy Calamari in a little back street restaurant in the sun while watching cats clamber around on the cobbles. While not all of mainland Europe enjoys such a climate, a similar European lifestyle tends to prevail even where it’s cooler in Germany, Poland or Holland. In Germany they too have a playful outlook on life and charming thatched houses and other traditions, while even Poland – known for their hard grafting – have a fairly relaxed attitude the rest of the time and a fondness for warming foods and vodka. And then there’s Holland which is famous for its laid back European attitude.