European Mountains


If you’re looking for an adventurous kind of holiday, a scenic one or an action packed one, then travelling to a selection of European mountains will give you spectacular views, exciting climbs and loads of exercise. European mountains include some of the most impressive mountains in the world and provide some of the most beautiful sights and most challenging ascents. Here we will look at where you can find some of the best European mountains whether your game is hiking, sight seeing or rock climbing.

For hiking any European mountains with some great walking paths will do the trick. While England doesn’t really offer much in terms of mountains, the rest of the UK is great for gentler ascents with good foot paths. Wales for instance has large selection of European mountains that provide a range of difficulty levels. The Snowdon area in particular has some great European mountains and particularly the titular Mt Snowdon which is the largest mountain in Wales. Another great choice is the mountain known colloquially as ‘little big mountain’ – named for the fact that it looks tall from one side, but relatively very gentle from the other. As well as the European mountains this area has a lot of great scenery and sites around it such as the castle in Criccieth and more. For more European mountains in the UK you should also try visiting the North of Scotland where you can see the Scottish highlands which offer some much taller climbs but a very cool climate to make life easier.

Meanwhile if it’s site seeing you’re more interested in then you will be spoiled for choice. Some European mountains that are particularly beautiful however have to be the Zakopane mountains in Poland. This mountain range is one that is fairly little-known but nevertheless provides fantastic vistas across snow capped peaks. What makes it so great is how easy it is to get to some of the views from the town itself. There are many more European mountains however that offer fabulous views, of course famously must be the Swiss Alps that provide waterfalls and snow-capped peaks and join on to the Italian on one side. If you’ve ever seen the film ‘Cliffhanger’ with Sylvester Stallone and were impressed by the views then you will recognise these European mountains.

Finally if it’s rock climbing you’re after then you won’t necessarily need European mountains but can do just as well with any cliff faces or steep inclines. Cornwall and Dorset in England offer a great range of climbs and anywhere like Lulworth Cove (also a beautiful cove) or Limeregous will keep you busy. For some authentic European mountains to climb meanwhile you should visit Font in France which is a great spot for many European mountaineers.