European Recipes


Europe has a great selection of food on offer for anyone who enjoys trying something a bit different and much of this food is very healthy as well as being delicious and full of different spices to what you might find elsewhere. Here we will look at some European recipes for you to try yourself so that you might sample some of the different meals and enjoy what these different cuisines have to offer.

Carbonara: Carbonara is one of the most well known European recipes originating from Italy. While the original recipe was simply to crack an egg onto hot pasta, a more delicious version is to cook pasta while frying some onion and bacon pieces. Once the pasta is cooked, put it in the frying pan and continue to fry.

Golumpki: Golumpki is one of the most popular European recipes from Poland. Essentially it consists of meat wrapped in cabbage with a tomato sauce. The sauce can be made from anything you might normally put into a tomato sauce – so passata, purée, chopped tomatoes etc – while the mince is turkey and pork mince rolled together with an egg and some bread crumbs to hold it as a sphere.

Shephard’s Pie: Shephard’s pie is another of the best known European recipes, this time hailing from England. Essentially it’s a meaty dish that is normally served alongside a cheesy mash which is placed either on top or to one side. To make the mince, cook it in a pan with some onion, and then try adding some other savory flavorings – gravy granules, Maggi, mushroom, salt, pepper – and some passata and baked beans. The mashed potato meanwhile you can make any way you normally would, but adding leaks can make it tastier too. From here then serve the mince up into a baking bowl and place the mashed potato on top with some cheese. Cook on a high setting for half an hour until the potato crisps up in places and then you’ve completed one of the best loved European recipes.

Europe Recipes

Europe Recipes

Fondue: Fondue covers several European recipes with mixed Swiss/French origin. Most commonly fondue tends to refer to cheese fondue and this involves melting cheese in a pot to be shared by mixing it with cream or milk. You can then dip a range of breads into the pot. Other than cheese fondue, other fondues include chocolate and fondue bourguignonne which uses meat.