European Walking


Walking holidays are a great way to enjoy a cheap holiday while getting to see a vast amount of the local scenery and culture and losing weight at the same time. European walking holidays offer many European walking opportunities and whether you go to England, Rome, France, Poland or anywhere else you are likely to find that your are spoilt for choice for European walking. If you’re looking to take a scenic stroll, or to try a thirty mile walk that will push you physically there will be European walking options for you.

One great location for European walking is Wales. Wales is a great country for European walking partly because of its large open expanses, as well as its low population and lack of cars and roads which means there’s a lot of countryside to walk through. At the same time though, European walking in Wales also gives you the small villages to visit and the impressive mountains such as mount Snowdon which offers a great view and a sense of achievement.

Not far from Wales, Scotland also offers great European walking, by providing the highlands for even more fantastic views and challenging routes. Through England too there are many European walking opportunities. Some of the best are through the Peek District and Lake District up North or through the New Forest for some flatter European walking down South.

European walking can also be fun on many of the European beaches. Whether this is around the South of France, the sandy beaches of Sand Banks in England, or the sunny beaches of Bulgaria or Tenerife. All these European walking opportunities give you the opportunity to appreciate the sound of the sea on the shore as well as the great sea air, as well as the option to burn more calories and make yourself work harder by walking on sand.

Not all European walking has to be rural however, and if you wanted to tie you hike in with some proper site seeing, then it’s possible to plan European walking routes that take you through many major landmarks. A ten to twenty mile European walking route through Rome for example can take you through all of the major historical sites and monuments in the city for example in one single day. Similarly it’s possible to do some European walking through London or Paris and see many of the well known hot spots in one trip.