European Workouts


If you are visiting Europe, or going travelling anywhere abroad, then you will have to start letting go of some of your usual creature comforts and privileges. While travelling for instance you will normally accept that you won’t get quite the same diet as usual, that you will have to sleep in less comfortable beds, and that you won’t have access to the same media devices as usual (you won’t normally be able to play your favourite albums in the hotel or browse Facebook for instance). This is all part and parcel of travelling though and we tend to accept it as part of the experience and even embrace it as a good way to get used to living without quite the things you normally depend on (many people would say we are too dependent on gadgets and creature comforts in the modern age).

However if you work out regularly and class yourself as a bit of a gym monkey or a bodybuilder, then you will likely find that this is something you don’t want to miss out on while you’re in Europe – even a week off your routine can lead to some muscle wasting. Fortunately there are many ways to get European workouts while you are abroad, and these will not only keep you in shape but give you a great bit of variation in your routine (and some very awesome photographs – press ups in front of the Eiffel Tower anyone?).

The first thing to do is of course to look for a gym, and this will give you the easiest European workouts. If you are really into your training then you should look for a hotel that supplies a gym before you go out there and this way you will be able to get your European workouts without even needing to leave the premises. If you are searching for hotels using a listing service, then simply tick the box to include this in your search. If you are unsure then call up and speak to someone on reception. If they don’t have a gym then they might at least have a pool and this can be a great substitute for European workouts in a gym.

Likewise you should look for gyms in the area. This might be necessary if you are heading to a specific area where there are no gym/hotel combos, or if you are going on a business trip for example and the hotel is pre-ordained by management. If you are heading to larger cities in Europe then you should be able to find somewhere to train in the vicinity. At the same time you should also be able to get one or two free sessions without signing up if you tell them you are interested in joining and would like a free trial. You can normally get away with doing this a couple of times in one visit as the member of staff on reception will change – perfect for a week of European workouts. Alternatively smaller gyms in less built up areas of Europe might allow you to pay for one of sessions which shouldn’t cost very much.

If you are forced to then you can do European workouts in your hotel room – simply take something like an Iron Gym or dumbbells that you fill with water and you will have a vast range of different potential exercises at your disposal.

The best European workouts however that really make use of your surroundings are those done outside. European workouts are possible anywhere because really the world is your gym. If you can find a secluded area then a tree branch is a pull up bar, while some bollards can make a dipping station. Why not go running across the beach in Bulgaria, or try scaling a mountain in Russia Rocky 4 style?