EuropeWord needs your creativity. Help us !


EuropeWord is looking for a new slogan. We need your help with that. We are looking for a short, fun, catchy, unique (never used by anyone before), easy to remember slogan that fully describes all 3 websites. (EuropeWord, Europe Blog and Europe Forum).

Our current slogan “Explore Europe Like Never Before” is not working so well. Our dear readers, we ask for your help once again.

Please use the comment area and post as many slogans as you want as many times as you want.

Thank you !

P.S. Dont forget to enter your email as their might be a small reward if we pick your slogan.

Disclaimer: All slogans provided below will become EuropeWord property. You automatically give away all your legal rights to this slogan to If you do not agree with these statements, please do not post. Thanks