EuropeWord Partners

1184 would like to introduce its partners. These European websites have provided a valuable input towards our success and we want to say Thank You for that. We also try to give back a lot to European community and help out our partners as much as we can.

We welcome all the partnership opportunities. Please contact our EuropeWord administration for any questions. Contact Page

Created in 2000, Welcomeurope offers all across Europe its expertise and its experience on European funding and EU public affairs for local communities, ministries, associations, firms, university and research centres…Welcomeurope offers services of information and watch, training sessions and assistance to project building and funding management.Every year, 5 000 organisations benefit from theEurofunding information service, 2 000 professionals are trained through our training sessions and over 30 organisations benefit from our consulting activities.

EIN News Network is Europe’s largest digital news provider and media monitoring service scanning more than 50,000 news sections from over 5,000 newspapers and online publications and indexing nearly 80,000 new articles every 24 hours. EIN News is hand edited providing the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute information available in various delivery formats regarding world affairs including the latest developments in every country’s economy, business, industries, politics, international relations as well as human rights, religion, terrorism, and much more.