Facts About Europe That You Might Not Know


Europe is a beautiful continent to travel around. Home to the city of lights and love and so many other breath-taking countries. Honestly, Europe is such an amazing continent to maybe take a trip to. Imagine spending a couple of months just travelling around Europe, sight-seeing and just enjoying life while you go all around this breath-taking continent. However, not everyone knows Europe that well and how many countries are in Europe. Let me list a few: Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and those are just the famous ones. The lesser-known countries include Luxembourg, Lithuania, Monaco, Latvia, and a lot more. The thing is, no matter where every country has its own beauty within it. 

Once it’s safe to travel, you can start planning or plan ahead your trip to Europe. You might need something to help you get around Europe and get to know Europe even more. For instance, in Malaysia, they look up Edgeprop Malaysia to find out more about the locations in the country. For Europe, you can visit europeword.com to further know more. So, let’s dive into the fun facts within Europe.

Mosquitoes In Iceland? Never Heard Of Them

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You sure read that right. If you’re someone who is very prone to and hate mosquito bites, try moving to Iceland. One of the reasons that Iceland does not have any mosquitoes, despite there having 3000 species of mosquitoes, is because of the cold temperatures. You see, mosquitoes can’t function properly in temperatures lower than 10 degrees celsius. Other than that, one of the things mosquitoes need to be able to reproduce is shallow bodies of water and there aren’t much of those in Iceland. So when they can’t reproduce or survive, they’re just not there. 

The Queen Wishes You Well!

In England, if you’ve lived pass 100, you’ll get a congratulatory letter from the Queen on your 100th and 105th birthday. Other than that, on your 60th, 65th and 70th anniversary, you’ll also get a congratulatory letter from the Queen herself. I guess even she’s impressed with how long you’ve survived. 

Need Chocolate? Stop By Brussels Airport

Brussels is a beautiful place to visit. When you plan your visit to Europ, don’t forget to stop by Brussels’ Airport. Why? Because you need to check out Brussels’ supply of sweets. And bonus fact, Brussels’ Airport sells more chocolate than any other place in the world. Their chocolate is one of the best too since it’s Belgian chocolate and all of us know that Belgian chocolate is the best tasting chocolate there is. 

A Penguin Has Been Knighted

In Norway, there is a penguin that is more aristocratic than you, so to speak. Brigadier Sir Nils Olav III is the penguin of the topic and he is the mascot and colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard. Imagine that, a knighted penguin. And bonus, he is actually the third penguin to serve and the first to ever serve was Sir Olav between 1972 and 1987.

St. Peter’s Basilica Is A Huge Church

St. Peter’s Basilica is actually the largest church in Europe. It can accommodate up to 60 000 people and fun fact, it is in the Vatican City, the home of the Pope. 

Your Glasses Can’t Be Clinked In Hungary

When the Austrians defeated Hungary in 1848, the Austrians celebrated with cheers and clinked their beer bottles together. Since then, Hungarians have not clinked their glasses and instead, they said “Egészségedre” before looking into their friend’s eye then proceeding to drink. 

Czech Republic Has A Lot Of Castles

A lot of us love fairytale movies, right? I’m sure, at least once, you’ve thought about living in a castle. Well, if that still is your dream, try giving the Czech Republic a visit. They are home to over 900 castles and over 1000 stately homes that resemble castles. If you start visiting them one by one, it’d take you over two years to complete your journey.

A Town In Croatia Is Actually Pretty Small

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Europ is actually home to the smallest town in the world. Yes, in the world. This town is named Hum and it was found in the Istria region, northwest of Croatia. As per a report in 2011, the current population living in Hum is a mere 30 people. Now, that’s just like a classroom. 

There Is A Building Taking Longer Than The Pyramids

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In Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi has an enchanting building named La Sagrada Familia. The name directly translates it to “The Holy Family”. However, it is taking it’s sweet time I getting built. While the famous Pyramids took 85 years to build, La Sagrada Familia is taking 139 years and counting. It is expected to be completed by 2026 in hopes to celebrate Gaudi’s 100th anniversary of his death.

You Can’t Mow Your Lawns On Sundays

I feel like Switzerland is very considerate by implementing this law. The reason being that Sundays are the day to rest and noisy or annoying household chores shall not be done in order to not annoy anyone’s relaxation.