Facts About Mini European Villages In India

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European countries have always been notorious for its classiness and of course, its coldness. People of European blood are also known to have a distinctive facial feature that is very unique and beautiful. If we are to talk about their heaven-given features, there will be no end to it because they have it best. Someone with a prominent Russian or European face features will definitely be the ones possessing very prominent clear-blue eyes, angular-shaped face and they tend to be taller and skinnier. Their defined features are additional contributions to why people are looking forward to having them over in their countries or when they travel to Europe. For some Asian people, seeing blonde-haired and English-speaking foreigners can be super fascinating as they have only been exposed to these types of people during school days as they are all related to colonialism that had happened to their countries. 


However, there is no denying that their faces are extremely beautiful. But that does not mean people of other races and countries are not. Everyone has their own different preferences and there is a fine line as to how to respectfully prefer one thing over another. Back to the main point of this article, we are about to talk about the mini Europe that is discovered in the hustle bustle of India. As people tend to think India’s creation of European villages as a mock to their fascination towards the European people, the fact of this village is never because of this. 

Located just across the River Hooghly, West Bengal, Kolkata, there is seen to be a little European village which was found to be on its final brink of decaying due to the failure of constant maintenance. However, many works of restoration have been made as they have visualized a lot of great things to be born out of the place and most importantly, the preservation of historical sites are required. 

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A little history about Kolkata which was previously known as Calcutta is that it started with the British finding this gem where it had managed to be a city filled with the most vital trading that happened after two centuries from when it was discovered. As it was becoming one of the most visited sites, many buildings were put up such as ports, churches, forts, mansions and educational institutions too. Thinking that crowding the prime site of trading is a good idea, it turned out to be a bad one as British East India Company had made some ruling amendments on Bengal which had crumbled the state economy. The small towns had been revitalized as an urban city and many colonials had taken over the place. 

As India has a close relation with the Europeans, it is not surprising that there are many small towns around India that have transformed the area with some European feels. 


 colours of indiaThere are many small towns with strong European influence despite it having had their independence years ago. Pondicherry or the official name is Puducherry is one of towns which proudly display their cultural domination of the European. Being the capital city as well as the most inhabited city, it has various histories and a fair share of culture and language. You can even see how they decorate and build the town. Pondicherry looks exactly like one of the French villages. With the vibrant and miscellaneous adoption of colors on the buildings, the people there try their best to perpetually conserve it as their city’s economic dependence is from tourism.


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Landour is an infamous small town that is usually frequented by foregin visitors due to the architecture and buildings that do not seem as if they are in India but very European-like. Situated strategically almost at the top and amongst the chilly mountains of Uttarakhand, Landour has been the most long-standing in terms of the view that people will get when they turn their heads towards the windows. Different from the typical modern European houses, this serene town is decorated with various European-style cottages that are traditionally decorated. The nicest experience you can ever get closest to going to Europe is definitely Landour. Its breathtaking location never fails to amaze everyone who comes. Some suggestions for you when travelling would be to come here with your friends. The atmosphere is definitely the best with close friends around you but it is also almost Indian Premier League and that is a big deal here. If you wish to watch it but worry about wanting to travel, you can easily search for more apps to watch live IPL that can be accessed through tablets and even smartphones. 

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To travel is also to learn to the deepest of history in regards to the country. We never know if some locations are in need of help in thriving it for tourism, therefore, we have to be aware of the situations. However, one should never forget to enjoy the little things possible when travelling to India.