Famous European Artists


Europe is often known as a hotbed of culture and is a great place to go for fine dining, drinking, site  seeing, theatres and arts. Throughout history too Europe has produced many famous European artists, musicians, poets, writers and more. Among these, the famous European artists are particularly celebrated the world over and still generate much tourism as a result.

Perhaps the country best known for its famous European artists is mainland Spain, for producing the great artists Salvador Dali and Picasso. These two famous European artists couldn’t be more different apart from in their status as famous European artists and in their legacy. Both also had a very peculiar manner that could be likened sometimes to insanity (like many famous European artists). Picasso in fact spent a lot of time in a psychiatric hospital and perhaps his most famous stunt of all was cutting off his ear and posting it to the object of his desires. His art largely reflected this ‘insanity’ too, being made up of abstract shapes and lines and bearing little resemblance to the inspiration. Salvador Dali however exhibited a far more flamboyant form of ‘insanity’, which he used partly as a way to spread his reputation and legacy and achieve the status he did as one of the most famous European artists. His art spearheaded the ‘surrealist’ movement, and was sourced directly from dreams and had a psychoanalytical bent that borrowed themes from the German psychotherapists Freud and Jung.

Perhaps the most well known among famous European artists, Van Gogh was a French artist who was among the ‘impressionist’ school of artists which saw him painting more ‘impressions’ of sceneries and objects rather than going into detail. Close analysis would reveal an image made up of many brush ‘dabs’ rather than thick coats and brushes of paint. This would inspire droves of famous European artists for years to come.

Two more highly famous European artists come from Rome, those being Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. While Leonardo Da Vinci was known for his mechanical designs (which many claim included a working aeroplane years before the first manned flight) and his biologically accurate human musculature (and the experiments on corpses that lead to this), he is also responsible for two of the most recognisable pieces of art by any famous European artists: the Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa. He has recently become one of the worlds most famous European artists all over again following the success of Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’. Michelangelo meanwhile was perhaps one of the earliest famous European artists and was responsible for many of the world’s most well-known statues as well as his infamous masterpiece the Sistine Chapel.