F&B Services In Europe During The Pandemic

F&B pos system Malaysia

F&B pos system Malaysia

The food and beverage service is one of the biggest services that continuously grows with time. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, F&B services still grows and even in high demand, especially when it is through delivery or online services. Some of the most well known F&B services are Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, and many more. 

When the virus was spreading and vaccines were still in the making, countries that experience lockdown have to adhere with restricting social distancing measures. These were the times when F&B services falter as delivering food is not even allowed, when dining in is already prohibited. However, with time and togetherness, vaccines are now being distributed worldwide and F&B services are now returning – gradually – back to normal. 

What is F&B services?

F&B pos system Malaysia

Before we look through how the F&B services in the European countries are during the pandemic and how it was managed, it is important to know what exactly is the F&B service. 

The process of preparing, presenting, and providing food and beverages to clients can be generally characterized as food and beverage services. On-premise and off-premise are the two types of F&B services available. When food is delivered to a location where it will be cooked, it is referred to as “on premise.” The consumer comes to the location to use the food service. To entice clients to use the F&B service, the premises are kept well-equipped and polished. Off-premise cooking, preparation, and serving takes place at the customer’s location. It is supplied distant from the F&B Services provider’s headquarters during significant events that draw a lot of people.

Thanks to the technologies nowadays, the F&B service can also be a hybrid of both on and off premise. This is when the food are prepared on a specific location, making it on premise and the finished product will then be delivered to the customer, making it off premise. Food delivery services are one of the highest demands as it saves time and much more user-friendly. 

F&B services and businesses in Europe during Covid-19

F&B pos system Malaysia

During the COVID-19 epidemic, most European nations have seen different amounts of confinement or self-quarantine, which has influenced food and beverage sales and customs. Shops were not allowed to transport food in areas where the epidemic was more serious and prevalent, such as portions of Italy. The people in nations such as Greece, France, and Italy had to apply for licences to go grocery shopping.

Nonetheless, eating is “vital” in every aspect. Stores are now seen as locations to fulfil food, beverage, and general lifestyle requirements, while customers minimize their shopping trips. As a result, major grocery stores in Europe are performing well year over year in a variety of food and beverage sectors.

When the limitations were first implemented in March, people began ‘panicked purchasing’ and hoarding things, with an emphasis on shelf-stable goods. As the weeks progressed, additional tendencies emerged, such as increasing alcohol and coffee sales, likely in part to the massive shutdown of food service networks. Sales of fresh meat, frozen meat, and canned meat all increased significantly.

Numerous food service establishments increased delivery options and contactless purchases in European nations where freshly made food deliveries were legal, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland. To stay relevant and profitable, even higher-end establishments are adopting technology in new and creative ways. With so much uncertainty regarding COVID-19’s ‘bounce back,’ including new methods of functioning in a period of social distance, the response shows that food service outlets will need to be creative to thrive.

The Aftermath

F&B pos system Malaysia

However, with the distribution of vaccines and decreasing in restrictions, many people are now able to enjoy dine-in activities – with safety measures. In Europe and in other countries around the world, people are now trying their best to integrate the new way of life, which is the remote lifestyle, and the way of life before the pandemic. Even when customers who are fully vaccinated can enjoy their meal on premise, it does not mean that food delivery services will no longer be of use. This only gives opportunity to other growing F&B services to become a part of the competitive industry.

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