FIFA World Cup 2022 ! Countries of Europe Still The Winner ?

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The first thing when we talk about Europe is that it is famous for football. UEFA exists because of Europe’s countries that really love football. Many famous football clubs are from Europe’s countries. Does the FIFA World Cup relate with Europe’s countries? Why is it related? The reason is many countries in Europe already win the FIFA World Cup like Italy, France, Germany, Spain and England. So this year, 2022, the FIFA World Cup will be held at Qatar and it is still France winning for this year or Brazil will take it again. Many people, especially men, really awaited to see who is the winner for this year and they already have their own favourite club. The FIFA World Cup is the most famous football game that really people need to know the updates. Countries of Europe are the most countries that win the world cup trophy. 

History of World Cup 

For the football world there will be nothing that can be compared to the World Cup even though they have UEFA Champions League. The people that love football will wait for the World Cup more and for the people that don’t know, they will know about the World Cup. The latest update about the FIFA World Cup is that over three billion people watch on television and one billion watch the final match. Before the World Cup existed a football tournament that was important in the world was the Summer Olympics. Summer Olympics is one of the tournaments that football lovers wait to see their country that represents them. In the 1920s, the game faced a transition to professionalism that made Olympic spirit not consistent. The first edition was officially declared on 26 May 1928. In Uruguay, 1930 was the first host for the first official World Cup match there. After that match, every four years it will be held in a different host. 

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Hand of God

In 1986, one of the famous World Cup matches at that time was played in Mexico. At first this was planned to be in Columbia but because the country had an economic crisis it was to be canceled. Many people will question what actually qualifies a country to host the World Cup. The country chosen to host it is because the country must be capable of managing this big event. Cost that spend to make this World Cup is mostly high for them. So must the country that really has stable economics to be the host, if not stable they will not be capable of managing this World Cup that really needs to spend more money to be smooth. Actually before Mexico had some countries that wanted to take over but Mexico at that time had a big role in the outcome. They play at the biggest stadium in Mexico which is Estadio Azteca and also the first arena has been played in twice. 

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Why this year have exist the nickname Hand of God? The reason is because of the football player from Argentina, Diego Maradona. At this time it was really a big issue and the nickname was given to Diego Maradona. Like we know that in football or soccer there are rules that, they can’t touch the ball with their hand. So at quarter final at that time Argetina have a match with England. Deigo Maradona at that time was really near the goal and he used his hand but the people think he headed the ball to the goal. The referee at that time didn’t see that so he took it as a goal. So that was a reason they got to go to the final match. That nickname is for Maradona because the people didn’t see his hand at that time. One of the most memorable moments of the World Cup that really is in most people’s heads. 

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Brazil Wins in Korea 2002 

For the World Cup in 2002, this time had two hosts , South Korea and Japan. They are also the first time for Asia to be the host and shared by two nations. At that time it was really a hot time for the people in Korea. More people in Korea really welcomed the World Cup at that time and that was one of history for them. For the final Germany is one of Europe’s countries that qualified with Brazil. Sadly, they lost to Brazil. Brazil is one of the strongest teams in the World Cup. The South Korean team that time was really strong until they got the nickname Red Giants. These two countries that represent Asia are really a good team, they really qualified to be in the World Cup. For a team that is really strong in Asia, these two teams are really scary for other countries.

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Latest Team Win is France in 2018 

2018 is the last year for the World Cup and the winner in that time is France. France is one of Europe’s countries that won for the second time. Other Europe’s countries that are really famous and have won many times are Italy. This time the host is Russia and it was the first time they hosted the tournament. It started with the novelty video assistant referee system (VAR). So when before this didn’t have a VAR system to see football players do some fault. The first time VAR system is when the match France and Australia so they use when want to see penalty. This time people really don’t expect that France will get to the final. People usually think it will be Brazil but one of the reasons is that Neymar , one of the best players, is injured. The conclusion is that many teams from European countries are winning the World Cup. So this year, 2022, are European countries still the winner or Brazil?