Map Of Finland


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Finland ( by population)

1. Helsinki
2. Espoo
3. Tampere
4. Vantaa
5. Turku
6. Oula
7. Lahti
8. Kuopio
9. Jyvaskyla
10. Pori


Finland Known For::

Santa Claus
Fine Art Glass
High Tech Society


Top 10 Facts About Finland

1. Famously Finland is home to Santa Claus’ office
2. Donald Duck was once banned in Finland because of his lack of underwear
3. In Finland children don’t start going to school until they’re seven years old!
4. According to a World Audit survey in 2006, Finland has the least corruption and is the most democratic country on Earth
5. So it’s maybe no surprise that the UN voted Finland as the best country to live in
6. Finland is the only place you can hear news broadcast in Latin
7. Prisoners in Finland get access to saunas which they can use once a week
8. 99% of Finland’s population are literate
9. Finland’s economy is largely based on lumber
10. Hockey is the most popular sport in Finland