France is close to winning the World Cup 2022. What other interesting facts in France?

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Introduction about France 

As we know that romantic city is from France which is Paris. France is really known because they were really close to winning against Argentina in the 2022 World Cup. So for those who really need to go somewhere for their honeymoon, France is a really suitable place for the couple. When you hear about France you will think about Eiffel Towers. Most people that go to France, this place they cannot miss because it will be one of the memories for them. 

It is not easy to go to France if you are not that rich. If you go once a while it will be so memorable to go to a place that is an attraction for the visitor. Also if you ask me what is another thing that is famous in France? Maybe their desserts that many people love to get for their new experience. There is so much food that is really from France and a good one just in France not in another country. The tourist places also make France be more known about them. 

France is really good for the people to explore. History place? There are many histories for France such as France played important roles for development in European Civilization. There are many other histories that really mean and it was really in France. The museum which is called the Louvre Museum is the one museum that many people go to. It is also one of the attraction places for the visitor to go. Like we know museums will be related to history and that is. 

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Interesting facts about France 

30,000 tons snails and live snails must have ticket

Snails are the appetizer for their restaurant in France and many people in France really love to eat. So in a year there are 30,000 tons of snails used to make a dish. Many people in France really love the snails as their appetizer before they eat the main dish. It will not be strange if the snails that you got are from the Balkans and eastern Europe. Also this was not unusual for the restaurant to serve the snails at your table. As a visitor you should get into the culture and try to eat the snails that they cook. Classic French delicacy is served with garlic, parsley and also butter. It was a really basic snail dish that they had in France. 

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The fact that live snails need some tickets to get on high speed trains is a real thing. Not all people will think that it was needed for them to have the ticket. That fact is actually true and the live snail really needs a ticket for themself. It was according to law for the animal that under 5kg needed to pay as a passenger. We are not making you laugh but it was the fact that people in France follow for their life. Also they are fined for not buying any ticket for their animal that is under 5kg. It was really needed for them to follow the laws that are stated in the law books. All the rules are made for the people to follow, not for the people hit. 

Legalized same sex marriage

This same sex marriage many country that legalized them but one of the one is France. So it would not be strange if there were people who are married with the same gender. The community is already accepted there. So France is one of the countries where people who have lovers of the same sex want to have marriage there. Also it will not be that unfamiliar that France is a romantic city. 

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It will be happier for them that couples of the same sex have a marriage that will prove their love to each other. Thailand is a country where many people have gotten into the LGBT community. Still in there is illegal to have same sex marriage and they still fight for it. To make the country legalized same sex marriage it was not easy stuff to do. There are many things that need to be considered to be the country that legalized marriage. For those that had a couple of the same sex just need to register their wedding in the country that is legal for it. 

Most expensive bottle of wine 

As we know that wine is really expensive but the most expensive ones are found in France. France is famous with wine because the taste of the wine really attracts people to try it. Also if we keep the wine for a very long time it will be more expensive because people believe the wine that lasts longer will make the smell and taste richer. The wine lovers really love France and try their wine even though the cost is very expensive. That is also the reason why people who love wine are rich. Wine is more famous among rich people because to make it is not as easy as we look at it. People might think that they need to keep the grapes and just need to wait. 

The process is not just that, they also need to keep the wine aroma in a good state. Also the way to serve and receive also have their own way. The attitude is needed in a good way when people start to serve the wine. There are many things you need to know about the wine before you drink it. It was one of the attractions when you came to visit that France needed to try their wine but for the Muslim doesn’t need to try it. Just need to be careful here because they love to use wine in their dishes. 

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