Map of France

Top 10 Biggest Cities in France (by population)

1. Paris
2. Marseille
3. Lyon
4. Toulouse
5. Nice
6. Nantes
7. Strasbourg
8. Mantpellier
9. Bordeaux
10. Lille


France Known For:

French Food
French Kiss
French Wine


Top 10 Facts About France

1. In France it’s actually against the law to call your pig Napoleon!
2. And it’s also illegal to photograph either the police or police vehicles…
3. The Eiffel Tower gets a brand new coat of paint once every seven years
4. The Eiffel Tower is NOT the most popular tourist attraction in Paris – that honour belongs to Disneyland
5. The French really do love wine – they produce over 5 billion litres of wine every year
6. There are over 400 types of French cheese
7. The French have the same word for goodbye as they have for hello: ‘Salut’
8. Napoleon wasn’t quite as short as everyone thinks – he was 5’6” at a time when that was a lot more common
9. If you believe surveys, then the French have more sex in a year than any other country
10. Despite the name, neither French fries or French toast actually come from France