Free American Citizenship If You Can Come To USA In Time


If you’ve been watching the news, then you’ll have heard about a new proposed immigration bill for the US that will affect an awful lot of foreign residents. Republican Senator Marco Rubio explained that the new bill would outline a path for the 11-12 currently immigrants living in the US to become legal more easily, but argued that the bill didn’t constitute ‘amnesty’. Currently for an illegal alien to become legal in the US they would have to first leave the country for ten years, which would change under the new law to prevent illegal employment. Rubio has also been talking about tightening the borders in general though, so the take home message here is that if you want to move to America for free – then now’s your chance. If you get in before the new bill makes it harder then you’ll also benefit from laws making it easier for you to become legal… That’s if they ever get around to passing the bill of course. Actually, take your time…

As we were writing the article USA senators accounted that the only people who will qualify for immigration amnesty are those who have entered the country before December 31, 2012. We wonder what prove they will ask people and if it’s easy to fake it ?