Free Things to do in European Cities


If you’re travelling to Europe then this isn’t necessarily going to be an inexpensive jaunt and you could find that it’s more expensive than it once might have been thanks to the economic squeeze that we’re all currently experiencing.

As such then, you might now be looking for some ideas for free things to do in Europe so that you can keep the cost of your journey down. Often to experience  a country or a city you don’t really need to spend anything, and if your budget is currently being stretched then this will mean you can spend slightly more on the other aspects of your trip such as the accommodation or the food. Here are a few things you can do all across Europe that won’t cost you a dime. Or a Euro. Or a Zloty…

Museums: There are plenty of Museums across all of the major cities in Europe, particularly London, Rome and France and the great news is that many of them are completely free to explore. These provide not only a highly educational say to spend a day, but also provide you with lots of unique and unusual sights and sounds, and some great interactive features that are fun for the whole family.

Art Galleries: Art galleries are along a similar theme and allow you to explore and drink in some culture in the place you’re visiting. This way you can see some classic works of art from the Mona Lisa to Monet’s water lilies, or you can explore some of the more interactive and unusual modern art at the Tate.

Markets: There are plenty of great markets in many European countries whether you go to Christmas market in Germany, or the lively and alternative Camden market in London, and these will often ooze atmosphere while also being a perfect place to get some traditional food or buy some souvenirs.

Walks: Sometimes just walking around another country can be the most authentic way to get to experience the climate and scenery. Whether you’re hiking through mountains in Zakopane or the Peek District, exploring a forest in Germany, or walking along the beaches of Bulgaria, you never know quite what you’ll find and it will be an ideal way to get some fresh air and some excellent photos.

View Historical Sites: There are many historical sites you can visit completely for free across Europe, and even those that cost money to go inside can often be enjoyed from a distance if you’re happy just to get some snaps from nearby.