Map of Greece

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Greece ( by population)

1. Athens
2. Thessaloniki
3. Piraeus
4. Patrai
5. Liege
6. Peristerion
7. Larisa
8. Kallithenea
9. Nikaia
10. Kalamaria


Greece Known For:

Greek Gods – Ancient Culture
Beautiful Beaches
Historical Buildings
The Olympics
Olive Oil and Feta Cheese


Top 10 Facts About Greece

1. Greece was home to the first ever Olympic games in 776BC, and the first champion was a Greek cook named ‘Coroebus’ who won the sprinting
2. In Greece voting is a legal requirement for everyone aged 18 or over
3. Cremation is forbidden by the Greek Orthodox Church so everyone receives a burial
4. Around 16.5 million tourists visit Greece every year – which amazingly is more than the countries whole population
5. So it should come as no surprise that tourism makes up around 16% of the national GDP
6. One reason for Greece’s popularity may be the fact that the country enjoys 250 days of sunshine (that’s 3,000 hours) every year
7. The Pantheon is also a popular attraction, located on the Acropolis hill above Athens and nearly 2,500 years old
8. Another draw is the archaeological museums – Greece has more than any other country
9. Greek is one of the oldest European languages, and has been spoken for over 3,000 years
10. Waving with an open hand is considered insulting in Greece, so to say goodbye you should wave with a closed hand