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How Will IoT Technology Impact The Media Industry?

Elcomp is an industrial automation company Malaysia that has established itself as one of the leading Industrial Automation Solutions Provider for the Northern Region of Malaysia. Armed with over 38 years of industry experience, Elcomp is more than able to fulfil the demand for industrial automation, manufacturing process automation and information technology. They strive to work towards continuous improvement and working together with customers for successful outcomes.

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Cheap Flights to Europe

Cheap flights to Europe can easily be found, through a great variety of airlines and fare finder services both online and not. Searching and...

Europe Flag


What if America Joined the European Union?

For Americans, European politics can make entertaining viewing. Europe is a colourful continent rich with cultural and ethnic diversity and a wealth of different...

Prostitution in Europe


European Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are a great way to get a rush of adrenaline whether you’re rushing down the side of a mountain on a snowboard,...

European Desert

European Deserts When you say the word ‘desert’ it is common to think of the sahara, or of large sand dunes. Not often would your...

Top Tips for European Breaks

While we certainly can’t argue that winter is over just yet, we have long since waved goodbye to Christmas and the days are getting...
Altus Malaysia services

Europe’s Influence On The World’s Oil And Gas Industry

In terms of the oil and gas industry, it is important to partner with a logistic company that can help you strategize approach on the logistic department on your oil and gas business ventures (i.e. Altus Malaysia services). 

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Richest European Countries

While the economy has been shaken up a little lately and the richest European countries are constantly changing, some countries in Europe remain consistently...

Why Europe Is The Most Progressive Country For Breastfeeding

When a mother gives birth in Europe, They’re given a full course on firstly the importance of breastfeeding. They do something similar here in Malaysia but it mainly revolves around new mother products Malaysia. The course outlines the main reasons why breastfeeding should be kept going and they even go through with you the proper ways to breastfeeds.

European Date Format

The European date format is something that creates a lot of confusion with visitors from the US. Being essentially ‘backwards’ by American standards, European...

European Churches and Castles

Europe boasts many great sites and places to explore and is well known for its range of architecture. Wandering around any European capital will...

Turkey to continue supporting Libya’s GNA even if al-Sarraj quits

Turkey will continue to support Libya's internationally recognised government despite Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj announcing last week that he planned to step down by...


Europe world – The original home to fashion and glamor

Europe is the innate home for the world of fashion and glamour. Its trends and styles are followed by the world. People from all...

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