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Freedom of Speech in Europe

Though the laws regarding Freedom of speech in Europe vary of course vary between member states, they all must also adhere to the European...

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Being Gay In Europe – Is it Easier to be Gay...

While we have taken great leaps and bounds over the last century when it comes to equality and human rights, there are still many...

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Iran’s Zarif dismisses sanctions, calls US ‘irresponsible actor’

Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Zarif has blasted the efforts of the United States government to reimpose sanctions during a digital address to the...

Taxes in Europe

We are often reminded that there are only two certainties in life: ‘death’ and ‘taxes’. While death remains the same in every country however,...

Public Space Smoking Laws Around Europe

Among the many countries in Europe, there are a few differences in laws on smoking. For instance, in the UK, it has become illegal to most in any establishment. However, a lot of the places in the UK still allow vaping, so your vape juice UK would not go to waste.

Facts About Europe That You Might Not Know

Once it’s safe to travel, you can start planning or plan ahead your trip to Europe. You might need something to help you get around Europe and get to know Europe even more. For instance, in Malaysia, they look up Edgeprop Malaysia to find out more about the locations such as Desa Park City, Bandar Kinrara Puchong in the country.

Importing European Cigarettes

Anyone who smokes will recognise that it is an expensive hobby to say the least and while many use this as an incentive to...

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Which European Language Should You Learn?

If you really love Europe, then just going there occasionally as a tourist may not be enough. If you’re truly a fan of the...

Types Of Outfits Fit For Business

The common colours that are considered good for this type of dress code are black, brown, grey, and subtle colours in general since it’s meant to be formal and look professional. Thus, say you’re working in the line of Alpha backup solutions Malaysia and you have a really important business meeting where a lot of people will see you, first impressions will be made and no one wants a bad first impression. So, this is the dress code that suits the situation.

European Drugs

European drugs are a large problem in Europe just as they are in the US and elsewhere. It is fair to say that Europe...

Europe Political map – The bipolar axis of thought process

Being the second smallest continent does not imply that Europe has less in power when it comes to making decisive impacts on the political...

European Facts

Europe is a fascinating continent with a colourful history and a wide range of different cultures and peoples. It’s no wonder then that this...


Top 3 European Models

Curious as to who the top three European models are? First, some background on European models and Europe. Most every developed country has their few...

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