How Social Media Plays A Significant Role In Your Vacation Plans – Europe Edition

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Much gratitude to the rapid amelioration of digital technology, we are now allowed to get our regular endeavors done easily online, whether it be working, studying, or purchasing groceries. As bizarre as it may seem, we no longer need to travel across the globe just to meet someone, with the help of online social networking channels, meeting people is just a few taps and clicks away. Not only it helps save up costs and time, it eliminates geographical barriers in any state of affairs possible. 

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Social networking channels are especially advantageous amidst the pandemic where borders of many countries are shut to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus, this has thus interfered with many international flights. As a result, individuals have since relied on online video conferencing software like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and multiple others to accomplish their mission. Some educational institutions and organizations even created their own video conferencing platforms to ease their quotidian undertaking where merely those within the similar institution and organization can access. 

Apart from that, social media platforms have since been a commonplace tool for many to connect in times of a crisis. Rather than depending on the conventional way of meeting each other (physical interaction), individuals especially youngsters are most fond of updating their connections about their daily lives through their social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, so on and so forth; where they hold the autonomy to create and receive content as they wish. What makes it so amazing about utilizing social media is that it does not require you a single dime provided your mobile devices are connected to a strong internet connection like that provided by Maxis Malaysia

Since then, social media has played a fairly important role in our lives, from keeping ourselves updated with current happenings, digital marketing, purchasing decisions, and all the way up to your vacation plans. 

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Prior to the rising usage of internet and social media, many travel enthusiasts relied on travel agencies to have their vacation agenda sorted out, having them allocate more budget for their trip in general. While travel agencies are most knowledgeable on the destinations you intended to travel to, bear in mind that they collaborated with many businesses along the way. To put this into perspective, rather than suggesting places that are actually meaningful to visit, they bring you to places that would prompt you into spending money. In point of fact, travel agencies are highly inclined to do so because in every group of tourists they bring to that particular shopping space, they would be allocated a certain amount of commission. 

Many travel enthusiasts hence despise relying on travel agencies to have their holiday plans sorted out due to the amount of money they need to pay in extra, as well as the destinations that could possible be avoided in the first place. Bear in mind that most people travel to enjoy the scenery and history of a particular country rather than spending their money on unnecessary objects. 

Where Social Media Steps In

The motives to travel to Europe are never-ending. If you are fond of historical monuments, and aesthetically pleasing architecture, Europe is one perfect destination you should never leave out. Other than the said two attributes, Europe is globally renowned for their palette-satisfying cuisine, beautiful sceneries for you to sightsee on. While the costs of travelling to Europe can be fairly high compared to that of countries, it is worth every dime spent provided you have choses the correct places to visit. 

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There exists many social media platforms travel enthusiasts can take as reference when planning for their voyage to Europe.

Here Are Some Famous European Travel Influencers On Instagram Worth The Follow :


While travelling with a group of boon companions can be amusing and fulfilling, travelling alone gives you an entirely different experience you have yet to have before. Danilo and Anna are the duo behind this italian owned instagram account to which they have travelled to many destinations within the European region such as Malta, Amalfi, Paris, Tbilisi, Athens and so on. Throughout their journey, they have captured a significant number of breathtaking photographs in which you must check them out. 


One of many travel enthusiasts’ dreams is to embark on a voyage to Switzerland just to be able to witness its picturesque scenery; you may even doubt its authenticity. Francesa and Tommaso are the italian duo and couple behind this very Instagram account of whom see pleasure in documenting their bits and pieces while travelling to Europe. With each other side by side, they have been to multiple European countries like Paris, Rome, Alsace, Venice, Mykonos, including Switzerland; if you are in search of tips and tricks to embark on your trip to this very place of goodness, do give them a follow on Instagram. 


Jennifer Tuffen, owner of this travel-related Instagram account is also fond of documenting her experiences travelling to Europe alongside a thoroughly-written blog where a number of photographs are attached. Who doesn’t love an Instagram feed full of vibrantly captured photographs along with an extensive blog explaining a particular destination? 

Bottom Line

Always bear in mind that it takes thorough planning to embark on a voyage not only to Europe but anywhere possible. Rather than relying on travel agencies who can sometimes be slightly unreliable, take references from bloggers who have been to different destinations of the particular country themselves. They are the most reliable and truthful source you could rely on. Take their reviews into account so you do not spend extra dimes on places you could be better off not visiting in the first place.