Interesting Facts About Laws In Europe


Europe consists of a lot of countries. Countries that have become popular tourist destinations like France and the United Kingdom. There are also countries that are a little lowkey like Andorra and Estonia. But no matter how popular or not the countries in Europe are, they are all so beautiful. Filled with historic relics and surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

If you were to visit these countries, did you remember to skim through the laws that exist there? If you haven’t, fret not, we’re going to be listing a few of the most unlikely but interesting laws in countries all over Europe.

Some laws involve banning cannabis, which you can replace with hemp and get Delta 8 THC Cartridges, but some are considered quite weird or unlikely.

Laws are there to keep our society in somewhat of a controlled environment and keep everything in order. Some countries are stricter than others but there are a lot of countries in Europe that have very peculiar laws.

Portugal: You Can’t Pee In The Ocean

It is illegal to urinate in the oceans of Portugal. Though it’s hard to keep this monitored, because who knows if someone in peeing in the water, but it’s true. It’s against the law. Law enforcements are trying to keep beaches family-friendly, that’s why you can’t pee when you’re taking a dip. If you, in any unfortunate circumstance, swim through a warm patch of water and you’re near someone, that someone just broke the law! So far though, no one has been caught in the act yet. 

France: No Kissing When The Train Arrives

Before this law was implemented, people kept getting tired of couples kissing goodbye as the train arrives at the station, causing people to delay getting on the train. Thus, it is illegal to kiss or french kiss when the train is in the station and disrupt people from getting on the train. But no worries, you most probably won’t get arrested or fined. You might just miss your train though, which is just money out the window. 

United Kingdom: Don’t Get Drunk On Licences Premises

The UK is known for having pubs scattered across the country. However, you can’t actually get drunk on these premises. Why? Because “Every person found drunk in any licenced premises, shall be liable to a penalty”, is what a UK statute stated. Anyone found drunk can be, and will be, fined £200! So, when you’re in a pub, drink for the fun of it and be careful not to get drunk out of your mind. 

Norway: They’re My Cloudberries!

Cloudberries are reddish-orage coloured berries that are similar to raspberries and blackberries. However, unlike raspberries or blackberries, they are not commercially grown. So, you’re only allowed to pick them from unfenced places. If their on someone’s property and you try to sneak a few out, you better think twice. Not only will police get involved but farmers in Norway have been known to shoot trespassers. 

Sweden: That Paint Does Not Go Well With Your House

Yes, if you’re living in the cities of Sweden, you can’t change the original colour of your house. This is because they want houses in the city to have the same colour and one house can’t stand out from the others. If you do go through with re-painting your house a different colour, a fine will be issued and the amount will be dependant on your past offences.

Switzerland: Your Guinea Pig Needs A Buddy

Almost everyone is happier with a pet around and guinea pigs make great pets. However, guinea pigs are considered social animals like goldfish and budgerigars (a species of bird). It is considered animal abuse if you subject them to being alone. Animals can be depressed too, you know? So get your guinea pig a buddy and try not to break the law. 

Spain: No Flip-flops While Driving

This is a bit weird but a very reasonable law. They implemented this law because when you’re driving, it’s much safer to have shoes on. When you’re driving with flip-flops on, there is always a possibility that it will move and get stuck under the pedal. It has happened before, that’s how they know it’ll be dangerous. When it’s already stuck while you’re driving, it could cause you to lose control and get into an accident and that will already involve so many other people. So stay safe and keep a pair of shoes in your car. Plus, it could cost you 200 euros!