Interesting Facts About United Kingdom

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Great Britain is infamous for its sovereignty over the years. Without failing to persevere despite many other neighboring countries shifting from constitutional monarchy to republic managerial, the United Kingdom still is standing strong with Queen Elizabeth II as the reigning monarch of the country. 

This continent has a lot of long-lasting and preserved history and facts that many do not know. Whenever we talk about Great Britain, we can never forget their variety of things that have made the country even more famous than it already is. Here are some of the fun and interesting facts related to the United Kingdom.


There are so many beautiful places in Great Britain that are filled with histories of the olden days. Most of the buildings in the city and across the nation have been built and created long ago. Since they had used only fine resources back in the day as those buildings were only assigned to be constructed by the higher-ups, the structures were able to hold up until years afterward. There are so many amazing landmarks in the United Kingdom that are seen to be reflecting history.


The most popular building in Edinburgh is the biggest-standing castle called Edinburgh Castle that was sitting on an extinct volcano base. Having been appointed as the city to have its own fire service and that was the first in the world. One of the most iconic landmarks ever, this castle has withstood an incredible amount of time in the battlefields. Almost 23 times facing the forces, Edinburgh Castle became the fortress that has been most fortified in Europe. Along with this impeccably structured castle stands the second oldest building in Scotland which is the St. Margaret’s Chapel which is believed to have dated back to the 12th century. Specifically designed and built in the name of the queen consort Malcolm III of Scotland, Queen Margaret was a loving and dedicated wife to the husband and tragically died three days after she heard of King Malcolm’s death in a battle far away from home. 


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The United Kingdom has almost 4000 castles and Windsor Castle is known to be the oldest and largest castle that is still occupied in the whole world. The castle has been occupied ever since it was founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Ever since it was founded, it has been housing around 39 monarch families. Having 900 years of royal history, this particular Windsor Castle is the reigning Queen’s favorite home for her weekend. The fun part of it is that you can also get a chance to get a closer look at the castle interior by booking a ticket for yourself. 

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Famous People

This particular nation is the home to many internationally known celebrities and artists. A lot of them were born and raised in the United Kingdom. 

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty who has been on the throne and wearing the crown ever since 1952 after the sudden death of her previously reigning father, Queen Elizabeth II who is dearly called Lilibet had to take this lifelong role whether or not she wanted it. It was a historical moment this coronation is ever since her father’s time because it was not supposed to be this way as he had one older brother, King Edward VIII. Willingly to abdicate the throne he succeeded not more than a year after being appointed as king, he let go of his role to be with her lover which was at the time would be ignoring the rules of the church.

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Queen Elizabeth who used to favor an ordinary life as a mother and horse breeder had put this role under her wing and has been reigning diligently until today at the age of 94. Around a week ago, she lost her most loving husband Prince Philip at 99 who had been her rock and soul for the last 73 years. The funeral was televised worldwide with reduced participants due to the COVID-19 procedures. 

JK Rowling

Joanne Rowling, or known as JK Rowling is a great creative author who has written many best-selling books in the genre of fantasy, sci-fi, and young-adult. It is no surprise if she one-day ventures into a different field of writing because that is what she does best. JK Rowling had made her name to the international level due to her brilliant writings on the Harry Potter fantasy series. There are a lot of interesting facts that have come to light in one of her interviews as she recalled the olden days where she had been writing for the plot. Born in Yate, Gloucestershire, JK Rowling had a hard time trying to persuade the house of production to agree with releasing her books.

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At that time, unfortunately, not many parties were brave enough to take the risk of releasing a book that is not mainstream to the general public. Something different, a fantasy book is not a genre that people in the past search for. However, one production house agreed with countless convincing and the sales were super overwhelming. 

Laws And Myths

In the United Kingdom, there are several myths in regards to the laws but also there are actual laws that people are not aware of. 


It is informed nationwide that vaping is not banned. Public Health England believes that vaping is not risk-free but is far better and less harmful than what smoking does to our bodies. It is better for people who smoke to be shifting to vaping and consider getting vape juice uk as it can help reduce the habit to a lower scale. However, it is advised that if you have never tried smoking, you should never even try vaping. It is better to never try than to be addicted to it.


England is not a country. Actually, there is a lot of confusion in this matter. The United Kingdom is a country that is made up of four different countries. They are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Just imagine how much history the Brits have to learn to be a patriot who knows everything about their countries. 

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